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3 Biggest Spiritual Myths That Are Not That Spiritual

Truth is, even spirituality has some myths. Or probably we should actually say - the people who preach it.

Yes, that is right, dear, even those popular spiritual believers can have some unhealthy preaching habits. And I certainly have heard a share of those within my own spiritual journey.

Need to be real with you; some of these beliefs deeply shocked me, some made me quite angry (making me more angry that I get angry) and some made me really disappointed.

Because spiritual people are bringing the light to the world, and that's why they have a great responsibility in what they deliver to us, what they deliver to you.

Why is this topic essential to touch? Because if spirituality is the enlightenment, the listening and discussion of your soul, then this process is a freakishly big job of this lifetime that needs to be looked at more seriously. We need to be aware what we put into its growth as seeds.

This is why spiritual myths are the most torturing ones. Cause they go deep to the soul. They infiltrate it.

If you start to follow unhealthy beliefs and put them in the soul, your soul either get confused or even worse - you poison it, in turn hurting its healing powers.

No, we certainly should not listen to these myths and nod our heads. We should be aware of them and not let them influence our precious lives and the lives of other spiritual beings.

So let's take a look at 3 major spiritual myths that can be found on well... ridiculous amount of channels. I believe you have experienced some of them too:


"We are here on earth to give, hence, we need to push self-love away". Ever heard that one before? It is almost like a motto of the spiritual collective.

Though, isn't it quite ridiculous considering that meditation and yoga is all about self-love, because self-awareness, self-presence and self-evaluation is the biggest core of self-love.

That's that deep type of self-love that most of us lack. In truth, many of us lack even the simplest form of self-love, which is self-care activities. We forget to pamper ourselves or we say "it is not a big deal" or we find it selfish, because that is what society has been telling us from the young age.

We are not even able to buy flowers for ourselves, thinking that it is something that other people need to give us. But we can and actually we should do it ourselves. Without any specific occasion.

I clearly remember the moment when I posted a message in one of the biggest spiritual community's on Facebook group asking what self-love means for everyone. That message got blocked by administrators indicating that is not related to self-growth.

For real? Why do we reject self-love so much? After all,

" the giving part" means also giving to ourselves.