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3 Game Changing Spiritual Practices

Would you believe me, if I told you that you are already performing some of the spiritual practices on your day-to-day life?!

Yes, dear that is right! Spirituality is intertwined in it all. Can’t run from that!

Here let me give you few examples.

As little and insignificant as it may seem: cooking, eating, walking, doing chores and even having a conversation are all considered to be daily life spiritual practices too.

Now, all what we want to do with it, of course, is to be more mindful during these activities. To increase our mindfulness expansion.

Why? Because our actions shape who we are. Our lifestyle and our journey of self-discovery build our identities.

Anything you do with your practice becomes you.

For this reason, I want to share with you 3 easy pizzy game-changing habits that you can integrate into your life to increase your mindfulness level even further:


Setting your intentions first thing in the morning is pure magic. Uhmm... it may sound tricky, but trust me it isn't!

Honestly, I myself was struggling a lot, because I had been going through all kind of emotions during a single day: feeling of overwhelm, anxiety, sudden sadness and pressure. Cause, hey, days can truly be chaotic with all the feelings swirling around, seeking to accomplish all the things in personal “to do “ list.

Obviously I put it on myself for absolutely no valid reasons, but I found one thing really helpful there.

As soon as I was fully awake, I started verbally and loudly telling myself what I intend to do during the next 24 hours: things I want to accomplish, how I plan to spend my day.

Sometimes I even read affirmations and uplifting quotes. Because words matter.

This practice definitely becomes a morning routine shifter that uplifts the whole day!