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3 Golden Keys of Astrology. Your Rising Sign is Your Anchor.

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Hey Queen!

Now you may or may not know, but there is more to your Horoscope than your ‘Star’ sign. This is exactly how the Horoscopes are called in astrology: Your Star Sign.

While most of us think that our Horoscope is all what it is when we think about astrology, the horoscopes actually depicts only the position of the Sun.

But there are actually multiple planets that make up your personality and determine how you go about life!

Pretty awesome, isn't it? So the Sun is just a little piece of it.

In order to find out all this goodness, we need to use an astrological birth chart, which is a personal planetary depiction as it reflects the snapshot of the sky from the moment you were born.

Therefore, first and foremost it is essential that you find out the most accurate time possible of when you were born. Not just the day, but also the time: hour and minutes.

Before we dig more why the exact time is important, firstly let's discuss deeper the Sun sign and its meaning.

So you probably already know your Sun sign, whether you're aware of it or not. After all, we are all aware of the horoscopes, right?

The Sun sign, commonly known as your ‘Star’ sign is essentially your life force. It represents your life's purpose. Basically it is your own personal Sun.

This is why it is used for the Horoscopes and why Western astrology puts so much emphasis on this placement.

But, dear, did you know there are two other energies that hold a strong weight on your personality? Actually, there are many aspects of the chart that give you your flavour and it can get truly confusing trying to uncover all of it in a one single post. We certainly do not want to confuse you.

But the absolute essentials keys and pieces of the puzzle are these 3 Golden Keys:

● Your Sun, as mentioned, which represents your life purpose

● Your Moon, which represents your physical and emotional needs

● Your Ascendant (also known as the Rising), which represents your motivation for living and the direction your life is steered in

All of these pieces can show a lot about your personality.

Now, dear, I understand how overwhelming this may be since typically in magazines we only get a few sentences on our ‘Star sign-Zodiac sign’, so we will continue to explore this part in your chart very soon.

But why is it so important to know your exact time and location?

Well, firstly, it is essential to identify your birth time zone (day-evening time): latitude and longitude to get the exact planetary positions. It differs slightly based on your location.

Secondly, astrological birth chart wheel represents 12 houses, each having 30 degrees (whole wheel 360% ). These houses always start from the most East point with the first one and go up till 12 counterclockwise.

What are the houses? Houses on the wheel represent certain life areas, for example 2nd house is all about material possessions and money, 3rd is about communication and 10th is about career. And the 1st house is exactly where Ascendant - Rising sign is, which is literally where the Sun is rising during your birth- in the East, this is why it is named "the Rising".

Thirdly, Moon changes the signs often, so if do not have an accurate birth time, then it would be more difficult to assess the person's Moon sign. The same is true for the other planets in your chart.

If you don’t know your precise time of birth then don't fret! Because you can also play around with the hours in the day and see which ascendent sign feels right to you.

But let's dig deeper into the Ascendant and what exactly it means.

So, as we mentioned before, your Ascent also called your Rising, is that exact degree of the zodiac sign that was rising over the Eastern horizon when you took your first breath.

This sign symbolises your motivation for being here, it also indicates how we can anchor yourself on the planet Earth.

Some astrologers suggest that the Rising Sign indicates what we would like to be known for. For example:

● Fire signs want to be known for taking action (Leo, Sagittarius and Aries)

● Earth signs want to be recognised for their practicality (Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn)

● Air signs want to be acknowledged for their ability to communicate and exchange ideas (Libra, Aquarius and Gemini)

● Water signs want to be seen for their ability to create and sustain emotional bonds (Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer)

The beautiful thing about our Ascendant is that it indicates what will get us out of bed in the morning, to lead and guide us to fulfillment.

This is why knowing this sign can truly help us when we have no drive or when we lack feelings of purpose. During these moments, we can tap into the highest Ascendant energy of that sign to motivate us.

The Ascendent is in the first house, which is the house of body, self, appearance and identity. Therefore, if your would have any planets in this house in your birth chart - planetary energy will show up on the front cover of your book. Cause each planet has its own personal identity energy too!

It is impossible to have a planet in each house, so don’t worry if there are no roommates in this one, dear.

But to emphasise this more, let's look at the example. Let's take our babe Beyonce, who has Libra Rising and also has Venus in her 1st house.

We know that Venus represents beauty, and as this planet is in her first house, it is no surprise that she is known for her Goddess looks! Fascinating, isn't it?

This is why your Rising Sign is kinda like your own personal branding.

But .... what if your rising sign is more than your branding? What if it's helping you form your own company values?

The more we delve into our soul’s purpose and evolution, the more you may seek support that can help guide you.

And that support can truly be the energetic embodiment of your Ascendant sign.

So, Queen, I encourage you to get to know this placement a little more.

It's analysis and evaluation may help you feel more at home or help you become more grounded in this world right now. Something we can truly all benefit from.

Let your Rising Sign be your anchor.

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