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3 Thingies NOT TO Do for Dream Setting

Darling, spirituality and human experience is related.

Please, read it once more. And maybe once more. Just to let it sink in....

It really is. This is why I constantly try to discuss with you both soul consciousness and human technical skills that might not sound that yummy, but in truth it is all a combination of both - spirituality & human ordinary thingies.

Otherwise we would not be on Earth! Otherwise we would not be experiencing this. We would not be here as spiritual beings having human experience, if we would not need to learn from it something.

We are here to use human-based tools. In other words, we need to combine both our souls and our minds.

This is why I often say that goal setting can and SHOULD BE SPIRITUAL.

Are there any bad ways how we can go for it?

Absolutely! But goal setting itself is neither good or bad.

Having goals and going after them is totally fine for any spiritual being. Yet, certainly, we need to ensure not to make it a devastating obsession.

Though, we can still accomplish those goals with big passion and truly enjoy the whole process. Enjoyment is surely one those human-learning lessons we need to learn too.

This past weekend, I have been participating in a beautiful 3 days event called "DREAM BUILDER" together with my Boo ( sooo proud of him) and got A WOW amount of marvellous reminders how beautiful dream- setting can be.

Most importantly, I energised myself for the whole month being there with other dream builders, dancing, creating ideas, and having lots of fun and deep work, both at the same time!

Because even though the dream itself is a process, not a destination, creating some "end goals" can be really pleasant.

Though, here by "end goals" I do not truly mean the end goals.

I mean some deadlines with clarification, which bring some certain results and that definitely require some kick-ass celebration.

In the end, nothing is truly the end, but it does not mean we cannot identify it as some kind of the end.

Each end is the beggining of itself and each beggining is the end of something. This reminds me the powerful Death card of Tarot that so many people fear of.

But death card is where the end and the beginning meets together, and that's the deepest lesson of life, which we truly need to learn to appreciate (hey, lots of lessons in this post woooohoo... certainly feeling the teacher vibes).