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3 Things We Should Truly Avoid Doing Right Now

I want to dedicate this post for Hope. Seriously, for Faith and Hope that many of us question so much recently with all the present "omg, I can't believe it is happening" events.

Does that sound a little shallow? I don't think so. I think choosing faith requires strength.

We cannot pretend that things have not changed and everything is slightly different than few years ago. Ok ok not that slightly....

Many of us even like to announce these days: "Our Christmas is being stolen this year".

I want to tell you that no-one is actually stealing anything from you.

You are getting a much bigger Chrismas gift than ever called TRANSFORMATION.

Many clients of mine and friends ask me how we can stay sane during these times. How, in fact, we do not loose hope looking at all the news and surrounding environments.

This is why I present you with 3 NOT TO DO's , 3 thingies that we should try to avoid doing these times. In fact, these thingies are useful during any challenging times of the collective.


Firstly, please, stop looking at the news every single day. I know you might have heart this advice before.

I am not saying that you do need to pretend that things are not happening. But do you truly believe that your worry, reading or listening to bad events give any kind of benefit to you and the others?

If your answer is YEs, I would really like to hear what those benefits are.

Truth is that we often watch the news believing that it makes us more knowledgable and more aware of the environment around us. After all, we do not want to miss anything.

And well... let's not forget that looking and discussing outside environment is also much easier than looking and discussing the inside environment.

But let me ask you "What would you miss not watching the news that project 99% of negative events?".

Answer: you would miss worry, stress and a belief that you have no control what so over. Definitely things that we should all miss for... not.

You see, there is an incredible amount of good news happening during these times: amazing innovations, new scientific breakdowns and lots of growing online events that you can attend from the comfort of your sofa.

Yet, we cannot see it because we choose not to focus on it.

You see, you are not an always-filling cup with the endless capacity, deary. There is a specific amount of information you can receive throughout the day without getting tired and overstimulated.

Good news is that you choose what information to put in that cup.

So make sure that you spend 80 % for positive news that sparkle your mind with good emotions and rewire it to function in a healthy growing, not stress and "fight" living way.

We truly can control the input by our focus. In other simple and well understandable words - we can decide to which things to give a dam about.

Why would you want to injure your brain with all of the nasty stuff? Cause pouring into it stressful information truly injures it, rewiring your neurons to focus on complaining, miserable lifestyle and "poor me" mentality. Darling, you do not need that smelly stuff in your life!

Besides that, how would negative information actually save you?

Whatever information you receive, you still shoud take care of yourself, nurture yourself and do beautiful things for yourself and your body. And that includes giving light to your soul.

It also includes dealing with things when they actually occur without overthinking all the "what ifs" or "but that can happen!". Yes, anything can happen.

Stop choosing to live in the fearful state.


Another nasty poopy thing that happens when we surround ourselves with negative information is that we start to blame the outside.

"They did this and that. Its is their fault", "They do not know how to help us", But my neighbour does not do that!".

It is always the others. The Elite. The Government that needs to hurt you. Your boss.

And sometimes even your partner not understanding that you seek justice and the good of the planet by complaining about the bad stuff.

Mhmm sounds a little bit funny , doesn't it?

But that's what most of us decide to do.

Fully believing that we are the savours, because we share the facts and data of the bad things.

Because we tell people about negative things. Because we awaken them with our logical information. Because we give them the knowledge that they should already understand.

But that is just another nasty outcome of the surfacing shadow side appearing wearing the mask of spiritual growth.

Though, it is nothing else than our famous, the one-and-only Ego.

Cause Ego wants to prove that it saves everyone by putting your-own projected information to others.

You see, if people are not ready to receive - they won't receive it.

Just like many people won't resonate to this post or this whole blog. And that is fine.

Judging them for not being fully open and intelligent is neither gonna help me or the Earth. It is just another part of "I am better than you" syndrome.

Plus, sharing more fear is not going to create more love and/or transformation. The transformation happens with radiation of love.

And that does not include constant blame that projects "me and them" mentality. It projects "us" mentality.

Once you see the Universe as "us", you will see that nothing is truly good or bad. These two sides that we identify as good and bad are actually the same stick creating a new beginning. A NEW TRANSFORMATION.

Now, we cannot name it any other so we choose labels "good" and "bad". But in the end they interconnect just as the day and the night.

And this is why that transformation starts within, not in others.

So any time you start blaming the environment about your life and consequences, ask yourself what are you projecting from within and what inner work needs to take place through you.

Never underestimate the power of inner work. Your inner work influences the outer world.

So if you seek to change the outer world - work on yourself and share what you do, not what the others do.


Now, did you ever stop to think why exactly you are so afraid of what happens right now?

It actually all comes to only two 2 things: being afraid of changes or being afraid of death.

Being afraid of changes means that you need to give some part of your control up. And one of the worst things for a human being is giving control up, cause we all fight for one single thing called FREEDOM.

We want to have full control on what we do and what we choose.

If we are pushed even slightly for changes, we tend to get into defense mode imagining those changes as fire breathing dragons. Or more as fire and that person who incline it as a dragon. Retreat retreat reatreat.

Now changes, of course, means that we need to step out from our comfort zones.

We don't really like that, do we?

In fact, liking our comfort zones is actually quite biological. Our brain likes safe environment and comfort, and new things seems scary for it.

So any time time any changes are happening, we truly feel stressed. That's very natural.

However, even here we have control how we respond to it.

We choose if we place more focus on the fact that we are loosing our control or we place more focus on the good parts on how we can transform through this change.

Change is transformation. And transformation is not easy, but it is evolving.

Evolution is actually the key mission of the Earth, otherwise we would not have definitions of aging and growth. It is nature itself asking you to step up on the path of changes.

This is why the most beautiful way to see issues, negative surrounding environments and events is to see it as the part of natural evolution. As the Earth striking to grow and evolve faster.

It is easy to think that it is all happening for the destruction as everything is breaking apart, being smashes into pieces. But if you truly look deeply in the nature, everything crushes down before it rebirths.

Can you see that even the integration of this belief requires us to give our control over to nature? But we are Nature Itself.

This is why all of the events that you are experiencing, that we are experiencing, are the part of evolution. The new way of living. Transformational gift of Christmas and the whole year ... and probably the year to follow. It will take time. All changes do.

But changes happen faster with good energy frequences, so focus on light.

Focus on things through your heart, both the soft and strong parts of it.

Only once you combine them both you can start seeing more clearly.

We are not living in a totally logical world, so let's stop trying to explain everything through logic.

If we would, we would not experience many things including love, dreams and synchronicities of life that we often call "luck".

You are not lucky. You are just choosing abundance with transformation.

I hope these 3 things are resonating with you. I truly believe we can create a magnificent amount of light through the simple thought of how we actually navigate. Through being aware of our awareness.

Cause everything starts with awareness.

And that's what I welcome you to do. Simple try to be more aware on how the energies feel around you and what energies you expand within yourself.

I know you want to feel lighter, brighter and more in peace, not in constant state in fight.

Good news is - you can choose it. Right now.

To the Transformation.

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