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3 Things We Should Truly Avoid Doing Right Now

I want to dedicate this post for Hope. Seriously, for Faith and Hope that many of us question so much recently with all the present "omg, I can't believe it is happening" events.

Does that sound a little shallow? I don't think so. I think choosing faith requires strength.

We cannot pretend that things have not changed and everything is slightly different than few years ago. Ok ok not that slightly....

Many of us even like to announce these days: "Our Christmas is being stolen this year".

I want to tell you that no-one is actually stealing anything from you.

You are getting a much bigger Chrismas gift than ever called TRANSFORMATION.

Many clients of mine and friends ask me how we can stay sane during these times. How, in fact, we do not loose hope looking at all the news and surrounding environments.

This is why I present you with 3 NOT TO DO's , 3 thingies that we should try to avoid doing these times. In fact, these thingies are useful during any challenging times of the collective.


Firstly, please, stop looking at the news every single day. I know you might have heart this advice before.

I am not saying that you do need to pretend that things are not happening. But do you truly believe that your worry, reading or listening to bad events give any kind of benefit to you and the others?

If your answer is YEs, I would really like to hear what those benefits are.

Truth is that we often watch the news believing that it makes us more knowledgable and more aware of the environment around us. After all, we do not want to miss anything.

And well... let's not forget that looking and discussing outside environment is also much easier than looking and discussing the inside environment.

But let me ask you "What would you miss not watching the news that project 99% of negative events?".

Answer: you would miss worry, stress and a belief that you have no control what so over. Definitely things that we should all miss for... not.

You see, there is an incredible amount of good news happening during these times: amazing innovations, new scientific breakdowns and lots of growing online events that you can attend from the comfort of your sofa.