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3 Tips for Manifesting Your Desires

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

What if I would tell you, my Queens, that the Universe in conspiring in providing you with anything that you desire?

Would you think this statement is a total bullocks and some kind of worldwide intense propaganda of naive people, or would you consider it to be a dreamy possibility?

In truth, it is all about manifestation and what you believe about it.

Because "WHAT IF?". What if it can be a dreamy possibility?

Manifestation is an act, a process, a sign of your dreams unfolding.

In other words, it is a display of you desires, a clear shout for the universe to hear it. It is you believing in yourself and your desires. It is you both being in control and letting go.

I know I know, you might be already thinking "Ammm... does not sound easy at all". Yes, understanding manifestation can be quite tricky, but it is possible!

I would like to share with you, my Queens, 3 core tips for unfolding desires that truly have helped me to manifest things in a much faster phase in life, and, generally in a more flowy

relaxed non-stress way.

Of course, there are many manifestation tips out there in the sea of Internet, but these tips are very simple to understand and very easy to implement. I call them the building core blocks for the start of understanding manifestation. Cause it all lies in simplicity.


When I talk with my clients about manifestation, I often suggest them to use the past tense for their desires instead of future tense.

Past tense makes you believe that the things have already unfolded, which in turn makes you believe that you already have it! Easy pizzy, right?

In might sound weird and uncomfortable at first and your brain might be screaming to you mean remarks that trying to influence you that it is a not real thingie. But in the end, unfolding things can be real too. Just because we cannot see it, ladies - it does not mean it does not exist.

Actually, our brain does not really know the difference between imagination and reality.

Yes, it is truly scientifically proven that you brain reacts the same way and lights the same pathways, same places both during the imagination and during the real event processing.

It means that you dreaming about things for your brain is kinda real.

Maybe it is time to be aware what we dream about?

That also means that it is not your brain that "screams" about things not being real.

It is your inner nasty Ego, because that buddy does not like imagination and creativity at all.

That buddy wants you to get stuck to your old nasty habits, cause those nasty habits fit that nasty Ego much better.

Hmmm, no thanks!


I will just put it as direct as possible, Queen: you really need to be clear about what you want. Like anything in life, in order to get something - you need to clearly state what exactly it is!

If you do not, you won't even notice crossing the finish line, cause you do not even know what that finish line is! See, how crazy it sounds?

Yet, often, we do not identify any of our goals clearly and afterwards, somehow, we get surprised that things are not rolling the way we want them to roll. Though, we are not even sure what kind of rolling we really want. Jeez even that sounds highly confusing.

So, please, avoid that messiness by getting clear what you want to manifest.

Be precise, think about the exact amount, the exact source, and the exact people when you create your manifestations.

Look at your manifestation goal and brainstorm more and more till you are totally clear on it. Or as clear as you can get.


Manifestation is not only imagination, even though it definitely includes lots of imagination.

Yet, surprise is also about doing the things. What a bummer.

You see, universe is not giving free tickets to people, who are not eager to show their effort. Cause that simply means that you do not really want it. Why should it even bother?

You really need to show your effort

to the universe and, in fact, also to yourself.

Yes, this is how we give birth to motivation out to the world - by doing things and actually getting results out of it. Your results bring you more motivation and that pushes you to manifest more, because when you prove it to yourself, it becomes quite hard to stop.

So, tell me what 3 clear steps can you take this month to manifest your one big desire?

It does not need to be gigantic leaps, but it needs to be related to your big manifestation goal. Because enough of playing small, go for THAT big dream!

Many people believe that manifestation is a plain Law of Attraction. Well, it kinda is, but we have a little tiny winy problem here. The problem is that most people misunderstand The Law of Attraction. Ouch.

Law of attraction is not just about sitting and waiting for the things to happen, it is also about doing things without too much attachment.

"Without too much attachment" means that you do not make your goal "a death or a survival" sentence. You still desire it, but you do not get crazy about it. You still want it deeply, yet you let it unfold on its own too. You plan precisely, yet you are fine changing the plans too.

See the difference? Ironically, the Universe is teaching us to combine two opposites at the same time - desire and letting go.

Once we do that, magic happens.

Do not believe me?

I challenge you to try it yourself. After that let me know how it goes.

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