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3 Uncomfortable Truths of Spiritual Awakening

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

People always lean towards spirituality for the journey of awakening. For more awareness. For more consciousness. For more light.

Often, we imagine this awakening as a shiny light enlightenment that kicks us suddenly, taking our breath away.

The media also tells us that it is an incredible experience. And while yes, it is; the truth is - it has both sides.

One side is that bomb of various emotions, feelings and ability tap into divine awareness. That feeling of pure release. Like you are melting into the Universe. Mmmm.

Actually, often it is not really re-awakening as it is more the re-activation.

Because you are already the Universe. You just need to be reminded of that. Or more - you need to remind it to yourself.

It can be so forgotten that you might need to do lots of work to truly remember. It rarely comes from one activity or task. Most often it takes lots of practice. Why?

Because you need to break from all the consciousness layers, negative and non-serving beliefs that work as blockages and you literally need to re-wire your brain for more observation than activation.

Amm surely not that easy work!

And even when it hits you, even when it feels amazing, you'll also have that other side.

The other side that is not that sparkly. The side that requires healing and lots of shadow work. And owwww that's not really sun and daisies.

That other side is going through deep dirt and hurt, but, hey, it is also necessary. Because once you do- things will start shifting inside yourself, in turn, shifting around you.

Some of that experience will require to break some things apart or open your eyes for other paths, pushing you to let go of the past. That's definitely not easy.

So let's look at 3 Uncomfortable Truths that happens during your spiritual awakening. Cause we need to serve through all the angles, not just sparkles.


The spiritual awakening ALWAYS presents you with "more open" eyes. This means you will see so much more. In fact, that seeing will also be done through your heart, not just eyes.

The more information you will get from that seeing - the more you you will shift your own perceptions on things. We, humans, shift through experiences. All the time.

In fact, you might break some of your own beliefs and even core values that you said you'll never do! That's the path of growing - it involves change and sometimes it transforms so hugely that you'll get surprised yourself at your own inner beliefs.

And you know, that's ok! But it can be really really uncomfortable.

Especially when you gonna need to re-share those values with others. But, dear that needs to be done!

Cause your core values are your living reality, most important asssets and even your giving perspective.

We always need to be clear about our values. Conflicts arise not because people are assholes, but because we do not properly communicate our values right from the start.


Now, changing perceptions also mean changing habits.

Cause when you change your beliefs - you start changing the ways how you act. And that changes your habits and hobbies. That means that it also changes your surrounding circle.

Many of us now would scream that we do not need to have the same habits or hobbies to communicate together. And that is true.

But with most people we connect with, we connect because of our habits and hobbies. We go and do things together based on these habits or hobbies.

If you do not like to drink anymore, you might not go anymore to drinking parties with your friends. And that might rub some people off.

In fact, it can rub them so much that you will start getting ugly remarks or gossips.

Do not blame them, they just feel that their identity is being questioned. And no one likes that.

So, however sad it might sound, you'll let go some people away. Not all....some will still be there. And with some you'll spend less time.

But there will be those that you will totally let go.

Because you will feel that you need too. It does not make neither them or you bad. It just the end of your paths.


Even one of the most beautiful awakening experiences has both sides too - that's connection.

With spiritual awakening, you'll feel so incredibly connected with everything. Cause you'll see how it all connects together.

Yet, it can also become really overwhelming: feeling all the energies, feeling how it all connects, realising cause and effect law.

This will make you see how some people do not see. And for you these things will seem "so obvious ".

So you will start to spend more time to be alone. To recharge.

It is fine, we all need it. Some more than others.

But be extremely aware of that time becoming "no one can get me" fairytale. No, that's not the re-awakening fairy whispering to you. That's your Ego.

Cause it is still gonna be there even when you re-awakenen. That's a big misconception of majority: thinking that Ego disappears with spiritual awakening.

Ego is our guide on earth for the safety. It will always be there, because we need it to be safe. We will just become better at noticing it and befriending it, not letting it rule our lives from fear based mentality.

And what is the most favourite life phrase for the Ego? "NO ONE CAN GET ME".

Ow it adores it, cause it can feed on it constantly. It's favourite hobby is certainly to compare.

And that is what it is - comparison and, actually, also victim mentality. That "poor me" view.

People who get you exist. You might just need to find them. They are there looking for you too.

Join the community, find support. Just because these people are not surrounding you at the moment, does not mean it is the end of the story.

There is an incredible amount of spiritual and mindfulness groups present in the world of Media and I am sure even in your local location. All you need to do is to kick Ego in the butt and do some research.

The fight with Ego will constantly happen in your re-awakening process and it can truly get quite messy. But you can always clean that mess by including more awareness in your life.

Plain and simple? Not really. But worth it? Spiritual heck yeah!

Most of the time the biggest growth and beauty comes not from sparkly lights of few seconds of consciousness, but from digging with all your fours into your shadows, wounds and painful beliefs.

It might get a little bit bloody, but you can always be ready to have a bandage on your hand.

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