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3 Techniques to Raise Your Vibrations that will Send Good Vibes Your Way

Updated: May 6, 2021

Hello Dearies! How are you feeling today? How have you been?

It’s Taurus season YAAAY, it’s known that during this period we might not feel super adventurous, but rather more grounded!

You might catch yourself planning way more for life, being much more productive.

At the same time, you might not feel too accepting to compromise, being quite unbending and bullheaded when something goes out of hand.

We understand that might leave you feeling uneasy and angry.

This blog post comes just in time, because we'll share techniques to RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS THAT WILL SEND GOOD VIBES YOUR WAY!

We are humans, of course we have cycles of emotions, sometimes we might be feeling down and drained. Other times, we might be straight up in cloud 9.

In Mystic Queens Circle, we are aware that higher vibrations affect everyone's energy and health. It affect yours too!

This is why we would like you to read these techniques carefully.

We hope deep from our hearts that you'll be able to apply at least one of them in your live. Because action is the biggest vibration itself.

So, sit tight and enjoy the ride:


Morning habits are a crucial part that determine how the rest of the day will roll for you, we cannot stress this enough.

We've shared many times various ways of starting your day and the big importance of it.

Spicing your morning can truly uplift you to higher vibrations. Here are some of the easy ways how we can let that magic unfold:

  • Repeat out loud some affirmations. Choose the ones that resonate with you the most at this moment)

  • Setting intentions. A little tip: choose to set it daily or weekly depending how flowy or structured you want it to be, but never choose to be stressed about it.

  • Deep breaths. This will calm your whole nervous system allowing you to relax and relaxation increases vibrations.

  • Journaling. Keeping your thoughts in the head can truly be tiresome, release it into the journal. Believe us, this truly raise vibrations too.


“Nature has a high vibration because it is in a state of non-resistance.”

Everything around us is energy and has its own frequency, even activities we choose to do in our lives.

Activities such as sitting by the beach, hiking, walking or camping in the mountains often feel feel extremely refreshing. Have you ever wondered why exactly it makes you feel this way?

It is because these activities raise your vibrations and that is exactly why all of this makes you feel so good!

Being more around nature is like demanding to match the frequency. It helps you feel more serene.

If you'll attempt to be more present in those places, we guarantee you will receive super-duper high vibration that will keep you on an energetic, positive, joyful level.

Plus, it will certainly make you feel more grounded and our lovely Taurus season truly calls for it.


Yes, Queen, you read it right! In certain cultures, illuminating candles is believed to be a way to clear negative energy.

In MQC headquarters, we don’t believe it’s only about burning a candle.

While candles might not seem like a very fancy thing, we feel it is a magical tool to manifest great moments or to create more “magical” energy around your space.

For starters, just pick your favourite colour, scent and shape. You can even try pairing lighting candles with your morning routine.

See, love, raising your vibrations is not a hard thing. We don't need gigantic tools for it. We just need our presence.

It all lies in the small moments of awareness. And that awareness either raises our vibration or lowers it.

“This taurus season is set to be a wild ride” like they say, but at least now you’re armed and knowledgeable about all thing to set that bar high and dive through the season as a better version of yourself.

Choose to vibrate higher, love.

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