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7 Universal Laws: The Law of Vibration

The Universe runs on natural laws. I am sure some of you can name few of them right away.

For example: certain ways how nature navigates. The fact that we always have different seasons, the fact that things grow on earth from down to up, the natural ability to heal by itself.

However, what if there are more natural laws than the ones we know?

What if the laws can lead us to an overall greater understanding of the Universe and our place in it?

This is what 7 Universal Laws are all about. Some call it spiritual practices, some refer to them as ancient principals for self-mastery, others call them most influential systems of thinking.

But one thing is clear - 7 Universal Laws are not a new trend, they have been here for centuries. They come from Hermetic philosophy, often being referred as The Hermetic Laws.

These laws represent the timeless way to think and develop, expand your horizons, broaden possibilities, and aid in the pursuit of fuller, happier, more meaningful and longer life.

Not sure about you, but I am certainly signing on that list!

Actually, you might have heard one of these laws. The most popular one: The Law of Attraction. Rings a bell?

Actually, the Law of Attraction is not truly a law. It is more the extra integration appearing in these 7 Laws.

So if you have difficulties understanding law of attraction - the best idea is to take a deeper look at these 7 Laws.

This is why the Law of Attraction is often called the secondary law, and here, in this blog post, we'll discuss the primary one - The Law of Vibration.

But here is a little warning - once you start touching these laws, the Universe might look slightly different than before... are you ready for this adventurous experience?

I hope you are.

If you are, I present you magnificent fabulous shining and powerful Queen - The Law of Vibration.

The Law of Vibration states that nothing is in a calm state. Everything moves and vibrates.

The whole Universe is a pure vibration. Even sceptics cannot argue too much about that as scientists have approved - everything is pure energy, vibrating at different frequencies.

Can you see how the Law of Attraction integrates in here? Energy attraction of energy, because... everything is vibrating energy.

In truth, we all have our own vibrational level that depend on many various factors such as our health of our organism, our nutrition, our consumption of addictive substances, even our living place, and our emotions and feelings.

Yes, that means that your emotions and feelings are vibrations too!

If you are more interest in the vibrations of emotions and feelings, check out David R. Hawkins developed system for testing people's vibrational energies from 0 to 1000. Also called "The Levels of Cionciousness".

It is interesting to state that the average level of vibration of people on Earth is around 200. Hmmm, we certainly still have a way to go till 1000.

But that is just another reminder, that our energy is highly significant and important for the whole vibration of Earth.

For example Hitler vibrated at 30 (guilt level) and Einstein at 499 (reasoning level). Shame vibrates the lowest, while enlightment vibrates the highest, close to peace and joy.

So you might be questioning: "How do I change my vibrations?".

After all, we all want to have and experience those yummy vibrations, right? anything else in life - it requires action. I know I know... how annoying. But actions are vibrating messages for the Universe.

Of course, it all starts with the thoughs. Thoughts are vibrating messages for the Universe too.Thoughts combined with actions tremendously multiply the messages sent to the Universe.

And within that, the Universe starts to hear you loud and clear. Halleluhaj!

Wanna start increasing those message right now? Cause why to wait! Here is what we can do:

Let's start being aware of the words we use to express ourselves.

Let's laugh more often and create joyful activities in our daily lives.

Let's listen to favourite music, watch favourite movies and videos that create joy not fear.

Let's practice gratitude and integrate it in our routines.

In fact, gratitude practice is one of the easiers and the most effective ones to change the vibrations to the higher level.

The fact is that the more positive practices you integrate - the more and faster you shift your vibrations.

The more you notice what you say and how you react - the more in control you become of what you vibrate to the Universe.

Believe me, the Universe always listens to your sending messages.

Make sure you send the right ones. The ones that signify what you truly need.

And, please, do not focus on what you do not need, do not use "NO" in your wishes.

The Universe only understand the language of what is IMPORTANT. And everything what is in your focus for the Universe seems to be important.

So shift your attention to truly important positive things and you'll notice not only the shift in your mood, but the shift in your results.

Vibrate with beauty, you beauty!

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