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Affirmations – A Magical Tool to Change Your Thinking

Most of us probably have heard about affirmations, but not all of us might know the idea behind this powerful practice. Do you, love?

Well, let’s be real - we all have negative thoughts sometimes:

“I’m not enough to get this job”

“I’m not good at cooking” or

“I’m too shy, they won’t like me”.

Are these remarks familiar to you?

If your answer is YES - and I’m sure it is - please let me tell you that you can ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY change these thoughts!

Why should you change it?

Because you truly don’t need these nasties in your life.

By changing your negative thoughts you’ll be able to build more inner confidence.

So yes, you’ll be absolutely awesome on your interview and you’ll get that dream job.

Or you’ll notice that you got all you need for that wanted cooking class. Whatever it is, you will rock it, because you’ll know that you can do it all.

The key here is to make you believe in yourself and affirmations can truly help you make this happen.

So, what are these so-called affirmations?

In psychology, there’s a term called “self-fulfilling prophecy”. It means that our thoughts affect our reality.

Simply put, if you start to believe in your negative thoughts - your actions will become a mirror of these thoughts.

And you know that your actions influence your whole life, your relationships and career choices, don’t you, dear?

If you reverse the process and do the opposite with positive thoughts… just think a little… how powerful it can be!

Because the level of your self-esteem equals to what you think about yourself.