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All About Your Higher Self and How to Communicate with It with Sophia Livshitz

Do you want to reach your Higher Self, love?

Well, you can absolutely do it! Actually, we all can.

Often "Higher self" might sound like a far-away goal that can be reached only by highly intuitive psychics. But I can assure you, dear, that is truly not the case.

The connection with your Higher Self starts with you decision to connect with it. With your own belief that you can. With the understanding that Higher Self is actually always nearby you.

Because Higher Self is not an outside divine power. Higher Self is YOU.

And that means that it is inside yourself, awaiting for your connection.

"When you connect to the Higher Self, the source of power within, you tap into a reservoir of infinite power. - Deepak Chopra".

In fact, deary, I am gonna be direct and tell you right away that all the answers you seek can be found through the connection with your Higher Self.

After all, Higher Self is the extension of yourself that is both part of you and part of the Source. Your Higher Self is unliminate and ethernal.

It "traveled" with you through all your soul's incarnations. It saw all your lives and experiences.

It is an Universal Source itself that simply knows.

So why wouldn't you use that knowledge, dear? Why would you neglect it?

In our "All About Your Higher Self and How to Connect with It" dearest Sophia Livshitz will tell you:

  • What exactly Higher Self Is

  • Various ways how you can communicate with it

  • She will also share her own experience with her Higher Self

  • And well as always - we'll make sure to break some myths about it too

It is time to build that magnificent relationship, don't you think so, dear?

Jump in and take a dive into this episode. Let me & Sophia know what you think. We would love to hear you input!

And feel welcome to share it with someone who might benefit from it too, love. Cause sharing is caring.

Check the episode HERE or find our "Mystic Queens Circle" Podcast on Itunes & Spotify.

Keep shining your light love,


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