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Asking vs Receiving: Law of Attraction Magic

Let's talk about ASKING versus RECEIVING.

This has a lot to do with manifestation magic. The well known law of attraction or, in other words, attracting anything you want into your life.

Getting your dreams come true. Attaining the needed resources. The opportunities knocking on your doors. Sounds kinda nice, doesn't it?

But is it really possible?


Now, I am not gonna tell you that you can achieve miracles in one or few days.

But I am gonna tell you that you do have a tremendous power to shift things around you.

Yet, you need to believe it yourself.

And I know it is definitely not that easy in our society.

Especially because we are used lowering our value and believing that we do not have a say in anything.

We think we cannot change the world and we laugh from those, who believe they can.

Well, here is the truth - most of the big movements started from one person. One soul making a decision to shine the light.

Most of the big movements also finishes with one or few people, not masses. The ones that truly believe that their actions have a difference.

It might seem like they took a leap of faith.

In fact, they shifted the energies by making a final decision to believe in the results they are seeking.

They asked, but most importantly they opened themselves for receiving.

You see, there is a difference between ASKING and RECEIVING.

Most of us are quite good at asking. We ask and ask and, of course, we get mad when we do not receive what we want. Damn the Universe for not listening!

Most often we ask when we are already in a big... shit pile. Cause our pride does not really allow us to ask before we get in the shit pile... believing that we are going to figure out everything on our own terms.

Once shit gets real, we start getting a little more aware of the presence of spiritual powers, or at least is possibilities. Well, what is there left to do?

Sadly, we are good at asking through the "poor me" mentality not expanding mentality. We use phrases such as:

- Nothing goes right to me, can't you help me at least for once?

- If goodness exists, why don't you help me?

Pity-me battle is a really big deal for our asking. But, darling, the thing is... energy attracts energy.

And "pity me" surround you with more "pity me" energy, probably bringing you lots of "pity me" people to complain together about "pity-me" situations. Golden friendships.

Funny enough, even though we ask a lot, we are not so good at clarifying what exactly we ask for. In other words, we are not clear and precise enough.

Asking to get more money does not really tell the Universe how much you are awaiting for.

Next day you might find a dollar on the street. Here it goes - your goal is accomplished.

Because you did not really clarified what exactly you want.

So once you want to ask something for the Universe, firstly make sure that it comes from the expansion energy.

Make sure you send your gratitude to it and ask from the state of abundance, not lack. Universe gives gifts to those that want to create abundance, because Universe is abundance itself. The gift and desire itself is abundance, not lack too.

Once you radiate that, ask what you want to get AS CLEARLY AS POSSIBLE.

Actually, think that you achieved what you want. How does that look?

- If it is a job, how long and how much do your work?

- Is it at the office and how does it look?

- How many workers are there?

- What is the boss like?

- What are the bonuses you get?

- What is the working culture there?

- What tasks do you do?

Put everything in there.

My advice: write it out on a paper or notebook, or name it loudly to the Universe.

Yes, that means talking with a non-visible creature.

Don't roll your eyes, deary, we all know you talk with yourself, so that's not really that different. It will stop being weird after few times. it only once. ASK ONLY ONCE.

You see, constant asking is also the vibration of lack. And you don't want to be there.

You need to jump right away to the receiving state and show the Universe that, heck, you are absolutely open right now, right here, for the total magic you just clarified.

Now, this is a really hard step for most of us, because we are used for just asking.

We think we need to ask incredible amount of times to receive something.

But true magic happens when you let go that huge obsession. See, desire and obsession are two different things.

Obsession is constant nagging, focus on lacking something in life and being impatient with it.

Desire is knowing that it will come without no doubts whatsoever. Because you made a decision that it will come.

You might not necessary know how, but you made a decision that it will come. You know it. You feel it. You are sure about it.

This is why we should look at our all big dreams, through the desire view not through obsession.

And if we know that it will occur, we do not need to be overthinking it and keep asking for it over and over again.

What we need to do is open up the channels for the energy to flow in faster.

What does that mean?

It means that you need to align your energetic frequency with the wish.

Your mind and the Universe does not know the difference between the imaginative and real things. You attract the things the way your energy is.

In other words, you attract anything you focus on, anything you share, anything you imagine. Because for the Universe that is all real.

It gives MORE of what you already GIVE TO YOURSELF.

So if you want more of business growth, start giving it to yourself.

This might sound like the chicken or egg dilemma... How can you give it to yourself, if you don't have it? Confusion alarm.

This is what the RECEIVING part is for. You take steps to receive it.

So, if we look again at our goal to grow the business:

- That might be dressing up daily like a business woman, even though you work from home (clothes are energy too).

- That might be talking about your achievements in business, however small they are.

- That might be sharing your positive business days and routines.

- That might be checking successful people that achieved what you want. Not with jealousy but with the "so good I found them, cause I can learn from them" view.

- That might be creating a new free ebook or your business.

See, it is all about taking steps and most of it is about providing value to others.

So you shift your focus from yourself to others.

Firstly, that helps not to overthink your goal. And secondly, it feels freaking good to see how thankful and inspiring you can make others be.

People will notice and start following you more. In the end, they will promote you or purchase your products.

And when some "lucky" opportunities will drop for you about which you never thought about. Because you attracted them.

As you can see, receiving state is not about a lifestyle of "I will wait till it happens and do nothing, because if the Universe is magical - it will deliver me my needs".

Magic happens for people, who believe in magic.

If you do not believe in magic, you won't be able to attain magical results you seek.

In this case, the work starts from letting yourself believe in magic aka practicing magic.

And sometimes that practice is a short morning meditation routine that shifts your energy for the day. Because receiving has a lot to do with your expanded energy and, hey, positivity is the biggest expansion!

Complaining, grumpiness and negativity about the weather or how you hate your life won't help you get what you want.

It will just keep you stuck in that circle.

But you can step out from it.

Yet, you need to choose to believe in magic. You might not believe it yet, but you can take a first step by simply choosing the possibility of belief that the magic might be alive.

Choosing the magic that the Universe is abundant.

Choosing the magic that the Universe wants to give you the best.

Choosing the magic that you deserve the best.

Choosing the magic that you are powerful without limitations.

Choosing the magic that you can change the world.


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