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Asking vs Receiving: Law of Attraction Magic

Let's talk about ASKING versus RECEIVING.

This has a lot to do with manifestation magic. The well known law of attraction or, in other words, attracting anything you want into your life.

Getting your dreams come true. Attaining the needed resources. The opportunities knocking on your doors. Sounds kinda nice, doesn't it?

But is it really possible?


Now, I am not gonna tell you that you can achieve miracles in one or few days.

But I am gonna tell you that you do have a tremendous power to shift things around you.

Yet, you need to believe it yourself.

And I know it is definitely not that easy in our society.

Especially because we are used lowering our value and believing that we do not have a say in anything.

We think we cannot change the world and we laugh from those, who believe they can.

Well, here is the truth - most of the big movements started from one person. One soul making a decision to shine the light.

Most of the big movements also finishes with one or few people, not masses. The ones that truly believe that their actions have a difference.

It might seem like they took a leap of faith.

In fact, they shifted the energies by making a final decision to believe in the results they are seeking.

They asked, but most importantly they opened themselves for receiving.

You see, there is a difference between ASKING and RECEIVING.

Most of us are quite good at asking. We ask and ask and, of course, we get mad when we do not receive what we want. Damn the Universe for not listening!

Most often we ask when we are already in a big... shit pile. Cause our pride does not really allow us to ask before we get in the shit pile... believing tha