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Being Alone vs Being Lonely

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Tell me, Queen, do you ever feel alone or lonely? Is there even any difference between these two words?

Ok ok, I know I know that no one truly wants to speak about loneliness that much ... especially us, the Queens. In the end, the Queens do not really rule alone.

And this is exactly why we are gonna speak about it in this blog post. Baaam, the rebel feminine mentality is kicking in!

Let's admit it, in our world no one really likes the loners, does not even really matter we are female or male. Simply because loneness scare us. Somehow it just does not seem as a good human identity.

The person, who takes time for himself certainly looks and feels scarry. In the end, who the heck wants to be alone, if you can be social as much as you want to? Queens certainly know the importance of socialising!

So... all people, who like alone time are either weirds, nerds or have some psycho tendencies, right?

We truly believe that we all need to love socialising in our society to thrive.

We think that we need to want to be near others all the time, we need to love everyone, be nice to everyone and definitely communicate with everyone.

Even with people we do not know. No, not creepy at all... Yes, even with that old lady in the bus stop.

We focus so much on communication with others that we forget one fundamental thing - communication with ourselves.

Here, I am not talking about that type of communication where you are talking with yourself constantly. I am talking about that communication where you truly listen to yourself.

And, in order to properly listen, my Queen, you need to be silent, you need to be aware, present and get deep into the core.

Truth is, you can do it only by being alone.

So, no, being alone and lonely are not the same. We all need to be alone from time to time to face ourselves, our environment, the present situation, to examine the possibilities and changed beliefs.

It does not matter, if you are an introvert or an extrovert. You need to listen to your true-self, in order to grow and be healthy.

If you are one of those Queens, who insists that you do not need alone time....Well, darling, you need it even more.

The fact that you feel uncomfortable being alone signifies that you are in a desperate need of it.

What should truly scare you should not be the alone time, but the fact that you can't spend at least 10 min a day with yourself without any interruptions.

In fact, it is the most scariest thing, cause you keep pushing your true identity away. The REAL YOU.

You might argue that you cannot be alone due to the buzzing thoughts.

Well, again, this is exactly why you need to be alone.

This is the scream of your body's wish to be listened to. To experience those buzzing thoughts without judgement. Cause however uncomfortable is to hear it, Queen, that is the only way to deal with it.

If you'll keep pushing the buzzing thoughts away, you'll just keep accumulating it.

And believe me, there are certain limits how much your body can accumulate. Once these limits are crossed - you explode. Explode with some drama, stress, insomnia, conflicts or an illness.

In fact, the huge amount of buzzing thoughts are already a sign of stress.

We all have a big number of thoughts throughout a day, but the buzzing of them occurs only when we over-stress about them and our life situations.

So, that already shows that your body needs healing. The healing of your soft listening.

After all, you have one mouth and two ears for a reason. Use them wisely, powerful Queens. Even when the receiver is yourself.

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