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Breaking The Loop of Being Yourself

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Some people believe that the biggest life question is "to be or not to be", but let's agree "How Do We Change?" is one of those big ones too. The big what-a-heck mystery that we are all trying to resolve.

We all want to be more positive, more happy, more calmer and more fullfilled. Yet, deep down we know that to achieve that - we need to change something around us (even though we sometimes tend to reject that truth).

Here, people divide themselves into two different groups:

- the ones, who belief that change is possible and

- the ones , who do not belief that change even exists

"But people do not change", - you certainly have heard someone say that before.

But don't they, really?

Don't you belief you have changed within the past years? What about your surrounding environment, your hobbies and maybe even some values? 10 years from now? 5 years? Maybe even a year?

You see, you change every time you change priorities.

You change every time you learn something new.

You change every time you try and experience something new.

You change every time you accept or reject a decision.

You change every time you change your environment.

You are here on earth for growth, otherwise learning would not be present. Growth would not be evident and nature would be static.

If change is happening every time, it is just a question how exactly that change is unfolding in your life.

You can open for it letting your control levels down or you can struggle rejecting it, clinging to your identity.

Ow, our precious identity. "THIS IS WHO I AM" powerhouse that identify ourselves as the heros of non-change lifestyle. The proudness of being MYSELF.

Guess who is responsible for all of this marvelous non-change fight? Hello, again Ego. Yes, the same buddy we have met before.

The one that likes comfort zones and does not really want or seek to change. After all, it is perfect and it does not require any kind of changes. Especially, if those remarks come from someone else. How dare them.