Breaking The Loop of Being Yourself

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Some people believe that the biggest life question is "to be or not to be", but let's agree "How Do We Change?" is one of those big ones too. The big what-a-heck mystery that we are all trying to resolve.

We all want to be more positive, more happy, more calmer and more fullfilled. Yet, deep down we know that to achieve that - we need to change something around us (even though we sometimes tend to reject that truth).

Here, people divide themselves into two different groups:

- the ones, who belief that change is possible and

- the ones , who do not belief that change even exists

"But people do not change", - you certainly have heard someone say that before.

But don't they, really?

Don't you belief you have changed within the past years? What about your surrounding environment, your hobbies and maybe even some values? 10 years from now? 5 years? Maybe even a year?

You see, you change every time you change priorities.

You change every time you learn something new.

You change every time you try and experience something new.

You change every time you accept or reject a decision.

You change every time you change your environment.

You are here on earth for growth, otherwise learning would not be present. Growth would not be evident and nature would be static.

If change is happening every time, it is just a question how exactly that change is unfolding in your life.

You can open for it letting your control levels down or you can struggle rejecting it, clinging to your identity.

Ow, our precious identity. "THIS IS WHO I AM" powerhouse that identify ourselves as the heros of non-change lifestyle. The proudness of being MYSELF.

Guess who is responsible for all of this marvelous non-change fight? Hello, again Ego. Yes, the same buddy we have met before.

The one that likes comfort zones and does not really want or seek to change. After all, it is perfect and it does not require any kind of changes. Especially, if those remarks come from someone else. How dare them.

But why do we constantly need to fight the fights of choosing one single side? Why do we believe that our identity is static? Is there truly anything static in life? Try to look around you, try to name one single static thing.

You can't, because nothing is truly linear. Everything fluctuates. That's the beauty of nature. That's the beauty of you.

So you can feel being enough and at the same time you can be curious in changing yourself. Not as a a detachment seeking "fix me" purpose. But as a "wow, I am here on earth to learn more about myself and my beautiful soul".

And in order to do that, you need to be ready to break the loop of being yourself.

You need to accept that THE OLD YOU will dissapear. Not fully, you will always have some parts of yourself there to nourish. But your old beliefs will grow. Your values will twist. Your circle will change.

That's the journey of changing yourself.

Some of those trips on that ride will be full of laughter and enjoyment, while some will be quite hectic.

Some will require courage and some will need alone time for tears.

Some will hit you like a thunder of realisation, while some will accumulate as slow experiences showing results only in few months or years.

Yet, all of it will be worth it. But it all starts with you.


Why do I say " the habit"? Because that's what it is.

It is the integrated belief or, actually, the accumulation of a bunch of beliefs in you that became a habit hearing all the twisted truths how you were, are and will be in just one certain form and no one, even you, can change it.

This belief became common in society through generations influenced by the other belief seeking to provide safety for us - "do not trust anyone". Cause if you think more deeply and go to the root of it all, it all comes back to our ability to trust.

If someone did something unpleasant for us, we identify that person and his/hers identity equal to that action.

And often, we tend to avoid him or her stating that "he/she will not change".

Of course, we should not let people treat us in negative ways and it is our own choice with whom we want to surround ourselves. In the end our energy is valuable, so we need to be aware how and with whom we use it.

Yet, the definition of "he/she will not change" might be true, but at the same time it might not be true.

There are many people, who have changed tremendously by changing their beliefs. By breaking through their habit of being themselves. And, yes, there are also those that have failed.

Because in the end we truly need to believe and want it ourselves. We need to combine our wishes with intentions.

If we are not ready - we are not ready. Yet, the possibility of it is always present. We just need to open our arms and show bravery to take it.

In order to build the trust towards others, we need to firstly trust ourselves. Trust that we can change the habit of being ourselves.

So, I wish you to be open for changing your identity every single day.

The conscious YOU will never dissapear and at the same time it kinda will, because it'll expand. Maybe into something we cannot even grasp, cause the laws of Universe are not always visible to our eyes.

But try to look with your heart. Listen with your soul. It knows.

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