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Building Higher Vibrations

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Lately we have been talking a lot about the Law of Attraction in our previous posts and also on our Social Media Channels.

When you think about it, it is quite a perfect period for those kind for topics.

You know ... all that New Year's Resolution buzz going on in the air. New intentions and well... some panicky energy around it too, due to the outside circumstances that do not really need to be named.

This is why building higher vibrations should be the first goal for all of us.

This might sound like quite a harsh statement, but everything is energy in life. Yes, darling, truly everything!

And, hey, we certainly are not existing to be in the low energy realm with all the stress, torture and sad overwhelming moods.

Even our body knows that it does not really enjoy it, giving us signals and diseases when we are depressed or stressed.

On the other hand, we also know how it feels to feel happy, truly joyful and excited. Mmmm.

Such a different state where everything seems to move in a flow. Because it truly does move in the flow. In a flow together with the Universe.

Because Universe is Abundance itself.

Want a proof of that? You are existing here, that's the proof of abundance itself!

Though, of course, the existence state of abundance or its channeling depends on yourself.

Cause the Universe gives you a nice gift - an experimental freedom to work its energies by working with your own energies.

It is like a little computer game, where you can raise your level by using higher vibrations. But you can also lower your level with lower vibrations, getting killed by feeding yourself with negativity and unpleasant emotions.

We clearly do not need to speak how the negativity or unpleasant emotions can happen, do we? You know that yourself, dear. Probably quite well. We are not really looking for the manual "How to Torture Myself in Life, and Get More Stressed & Depressed".

Ironically, often we tend to live that manual ourselves, whispering often that we do not want it, but somehow we get stuck in it...

Here again we can ask ourselves that big question"Why?".

Why so many people get stuck in it, when they want to move to the happy state?

Why sometimes wanting to get to the happy state is not enough?

Why sometimes it seems like we do everything we can, but we do not move to the higher level of that game?

And here is not that spiritual answer to all of these questions (or in the beginning it might seem that way ):


It is because of the ways how you live. It is because of the ways how you act or not act. It is because of the ways how you make decisions. It is because of the ways how you spend your day. And that is your habits.

We are stuck with our vibrations and manifestations, because we are stuck with our habits.

This is exactly where spirituality connects with the mundane world, because by habits we write our beliefs and by beliefs we write our habits.

It is where the connection between the body and the soul emerges too. This is where the mind, body and soul becomes one.

The way you live is the way how you are present.

The way you live is the way of energy you create, gain or use up.

The way you life is the vibration itself, which you send to the Universe for your manifestations, your dreams and deepest desires.

This is why to manifest anything you want or to change anything in life - you need to look at yourself and be unapologetically honest what habits you have at present in your life.

What do you do during the morning, just when you wake up?

What do you do during the afternoon, when you feel tired (or for your lunch break)?

What do you do after work, just when you come back home?

What do you do in the evening, just before the sleep?

And most importantly, be clear and honest with yourself if all of these activities are building high energies or they are building low energies.

High energies are full of gratitude, expansion, value to yourself and others, and they increase health and wellbeing.

Low energies are pure consumptions of unhealthy habits, "just going with the flow" usage, safety comfort box living. Low energy also comes when you decline your true inner power often hiding it with phrases such as "I am too tired", "it is not the right time", "I do not have what it takes" and similar excuses that are not even true.

You know, dear, you can absolutely create the life that you want. Now. Just the way you are now. With the things you have, also NOW.

But you need to ask yourself "Are you ready to create and work with your habits to raise your vibrations ?Are you ready to truly step up your energetic game?".

Yes, love, it takes time. But so does the addictive consumption and non-productive events that most of us are already doing, every single day.

Actually, that addictive consumption is low frequency energy too by itself.

Though, at the same time, I do not want to be a spiritual police here. You can absolutely do some of the guilty pleasures... because, hey, we all have some. After all, we are experiencing human experience, yes?

But make sure you recharge after that at your fullest.

So, if you are ready to step up your energy game, I have good news for you. What about few very simple morning routines that can higher your vibrations to reach that lovely state of positive energy? Mmmm sounds cool, doesn't it? Let's check them out:


Choosing 3 positive affirmations and saying it loudly at least x3 times each morning.

Key points here are: without a rush, and feeling it fully. Imagine your heart expanding towards the whole Earth and Universe once you say it, close your eyes if you want to and feel it... feel it fully...

Also, here is a good tip - if you are manifesting something specific, the best would be to choose affirmations related to your manifesting desire, e.g: if it is money, choose money affirmations; if it is love, choose self-love affirmations.


Give some morning love to yourself by looking at the mirror (into your eyes) and saying x10 times “ I love you”. You can add to this much more, if you want to, e.g: "I appreciate you.You are smart. You are beautiful. You are powerful". Or you can have a loving conversations and a bigger discussion with yourself. I swear to you - that person will always listen.


Visualise for 3-5min that you are going to have a perfect day with closed eyes. Just visualise it fully from the morning till the evening. How does it look and feel? See how you move through the day calmly and in peace. Set the intention to be present and fully in control whatever happens during the day.

Each of these morning routines take just 5min max. And, dear, you definitely can take time to find 5 min for yourself, yes?

I promise you, those 5 min will fill your day with more positive energy, raising your vibrational level. Never ever discount the power of the morning routine.

And once you get more into your selected morning routine, choose the afternoon routine for the lunch break or the evening routine before sleep. Or both.

The more positive habits you will integrate into your life - the more you'll raise your vibrations.

Of course, it does not mean that you need to fill your whole day with habits forgetting your family and friends .

It is not about big quantities that well.... can also cause overwhelm. Because even positive things can do it! You cannot have 5 sessions of meditation or yoga per day. Unless you can...

What I mean here is that you can absolutely choose 3 routines for you day - morning, afternoon and evening to balance your life more. And it truly does not need to take huge amount of time of your day!

This is why we discuss 5 min routines, so you won't be able to make that very famous excuse "I don't have time".

Always have time for yourself. It all starts from you, no one else.

And keep in mind that this whole habit worth is truly worth it, because your raising vibrations won't benefit just you and your manifestations (which will definitely start to move in a more flow), but it will also benefit the others that are around you.

Cause positive energy is contagious. I promise you, they will want your sunshine too.

Keep shining, love. And you will become the unstoppable bomb of high vibrations. Even the Universe will get jealous and will throw you the opportunities of which you have not thought about.

But that's how magic works. It exists. But it only exist for those who are ready to uplift their vibrations.

It is up to you, dear, if you want to join the team of the Universe Miracles.

If you do, I 'll meet you there.


If you are interested in Law of Attraction and its tips, check our other blog post "Asking vs Receiving: Law of Attraction Magic" or our "Law of Attraction: How to Series" on our Instagram channel.

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