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Building Higher Vibrations

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Lately we have been talking a lot about the Law of Attraction in our previous posts and also on our Social Media Channels.

When you think about it, it is quite a perfect period for those kind for topics.

You know ... all that New Year's Resolution buzz going on in the air. New intentions and well... some panicky energy around it too, due to the outside circumstances that do not really need to be named.

This is why building higher vibrations should be the first goal for all of us.

This might sound like quite a harsh statement, but everything is energy in life. Yes, darling, truly everything!

And, hey, we certainly are not existing to be in the low energy realm with all the stress, torture and sad overwhelming moods.

Even our body knows that it does not really enjoy it, giving us signals and diseases when we are depressed or stressed.

On the other hand, we also know how it feels to feel happy, truly joyful and excited. Mmmm.

Such a different state where everything seems to move in a flow. Because it truly does move in the flow. In a flow together with the Universe.

Because Universe is Abundance itself.

Want a proof of that? You are existing here, that's the proof of abundance itself!

Though, of course, the existence state of abundance or its channeling depends on yourself.

Cause the Universe gives you a nice gift - an experimental freedom to work its energies by working with your own energies.

It is like a little computer game, where you can raise your level by using higher vibrations. But you can also lower your level with lower vibrations, getting killed by feeding yourself with negativity and unpleasant emotions.

We clearly do not need to speak how the negativity or unpleasant emotions can happen, do we? You know that yourself, dear. Probably quite well. We are not really looking for the manual "How to Torture Myself in Life, and Get More Stressed & Depressed".

Ironically, often we tend to live that manual ourselves, whispering often that we do not want it, but somehow we get stuck in it...