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Can it Be That Your Chakras Are Not in Balance?

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

We are all responsible for our energies.

And I am not talking here just about physical energies, I am talking about the energies circulating in your body - the energies of your soul.

Sounds a little weird? Well, you are certainly allowed to feel that way. But that's what chakras are all about.

Chakras are our energy pools, the wheels "rolling" through our whole body, giving us so needed life force.

If you ever felt out of place, uncomfortable, stiff or even painful in some area of your body for a longer period of time - it might be that your chakra responsible for that area is not circulating properly.

We often call this chakra inbalance or chakra blockage. Well, it does not really mean that you chakra is fully out of order or just stopped working.

It actually always works, and the good proof of that is the fact that you are alive. Congratulations!

So chakra blockage simply means that your chakra is not circulating fully in its best capacity flow. For example it can be that it is moving slower than usual or has changed its direction.

In fact, we have hundreds of chakras in our bodies, but for the simplicity to not overburn our human brains, we often tend to look at 7 major ones:

- Crown Chakra

- Third Eye Chakra

- Throat Chakra

- Heart Chakra

- Solar Plexus Chakra

- Sacral Chakra

- Root Chakra

I am not gonna get fully in the endless details here on each chakra, which you can definitely research further online. Believe me, that can take ages.

Of course, balancing chakras and healing with the chakra energy system requires lots of knowledge of chakras and their functions. So the more you research - the better it is.

However, I am gonna tell you the easiest method to get all the necessary and most important knowledge that you ever need.

And that is... feeeling by yourself!

Just being present with yourself and your body, fully listening to your body.