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Can it Be That Your Chakras Are Not in Balance?

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

We are all responsible for our energies.

And I am not talking here just about physical energies, I am talking about the energies circulating in your body - the energies of your soul.

Sounds a little weird? Well, you are certainly allowed to feel that way. But that's what chakras are all about.

Chakras are our energy pools, the wheels "rolling" through our whole body, giving us so needed life force.

If you ever felt out of place, uncomfortable, stiff or even painful in some area of your body for a longer period of time - it might be that your chakra responsible for that area is not circulating properly.

We often call this chakra inbalance or chakra blockage. Well, it does not really mean that you chakra is fully out of order or just stopped working.

It actually always works, and the good proof of that is the fact that you are alive. Congratulations!

So chakra blockage simply means that your chakra is not circulating fully in its best capacity flow. For example it can be that it is moving slower than usual or has changed its direction.

In fact, we have hundreds of chakras in our bodies, but for the simplicity to not overburn our human brains, we often tend to look at 7 major ones:

- Crown Chakra

- Third Eye Chakra

- Throat Chakra

- Heart Chakra

- Solar Plexus Chakra

- Sacral Chakra

- Root Chakra

I am not gonna get fully in the endless details here on each chakra, which you can definitely research further online. Believe me, that can take ages.

Of course, balancing chakras and healing with the chakra energy system requires lots of knowledge of chakras and their functions. So the more you research - the better it is.

However, I am gonna tell you the easiest method to get all the necessary and most important knowledge that you ever need.

And that is... feeeling by yourself!

Just being present with yourself and your body, fully listening to your body.

Listening to all the impulses, your body's own "breathing way" and noticing where exactly you have pain or tension.

If you are particularly in tune, maybe you even feel weird-moving energy accumulation in some certain area? You know, simply make sure to ask your body and create time to listen to its response. It always gives one.

Yet, of course, I want to talk with you about the main keypoints explaining in few short sentences how you might feel than each chakra is being blocked.

Again, from this you can research it even more further. Or just sit and feel it by yourself, which is always the best choice and practice for your healing.

So let's check those chakras and their blockages! For each chakra I will write 3 biggest points of each chakral imbalance, including also body pain that is usually portrayed as a result of it. Ready??? Here we go:


- isolation and disconnection from the world

- difficulties connecting to spiritual world

- feeling "just normal"

Common body pain due chakra imbalance is tension headaches and migraines.


- trouble accessing your intuition

- difficulty in concentrating and lack of focus

- difficulties in making final decisions

Common body pain due chakra imbalance is tension headaches in brow area, dizziness, brain fog and any kind of sleep difficulties.


- trouble speaking your truth

- constant people pleasing by words

- non-stop talking

Common body pain due chakra imbalance is stiffness in the neck and shoulders, and constant sore throat.


- increase of jealousy, anger, fear of betrayal, grief and hatred

- or constant seeking love from others

- lack of self-love and compassion

Common body pain due chakra imbalance is pain in upper back and chest, and tight shoulders.


- difficulty in making decisions (inability to commit both to people and goals)

- control or anger issues

- constant comparison battle about how others are better or worse than you

Common body pain due chakra imbalance is digestive issues and abdominal pain.


- hardness in connecting with others sexually and emotionally

- easy emotional overwhelm

- not feeling creativity inspired or lacking imagination

Common body pain due chakra imbalance is sexual dysfunctions, issues with sexual organs, lower back and hip mobility issues.


- fears and anxiety disorders (feeling not safe and secure)

- everything seems chaotic

- lack of energy or feeling restless (not being-grounded)

Common body pain due chakra imbalance is elimination and colon issues, bladder problems, stiffness and pain in feet and legs and lower back.

So, deary, could you find yourself in one or few chakras? I believe most of us can as we often experience fluctuations in life and emotional outbursts.

Yet, there is no need to get paranoid here. Cause when we get information - we can start acting on it.

So choose one, just one chakra to focus on for the upcoming week that you think and intuitively feel is the most non-aligned in your life, and research it further.

In another upcoming post we will touch various ways how you can heal your chakras, if you look for more methods or need some general inspiration, or just simply want to try something new and fancy panssy. It is fine, we all do.

Till that just pause and listen to here your chakras speaking with you.

Remember, it is our own responsibility to take care of our energetic circulations. And the bettter it flows - the better we flow together with it too.

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