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Darling, Perfectionism Isn't Your Strength

Queen, do you know those few people, who like to consider their perfectionism as a gift from the Universe?

The superpower of DOING THE STUFF.

Well... that's a big fat BS. Particularly, the DOING part.

Cause, most often Mister Perfectionism does not really do that much stuff or... does not finish that much. He just likes being obsessing about stuff, which mainly includes his powerful slogan "not being good enough".

This is exactly why perfectionism isn't your core skill or strength, Queen. It is a virus, and, if you have it - you need a prescription treatment.

I know it might be hard to take this one in. So just take a big breath and follow up.

Honestly, 5 years ago I used to have this virus too. I put perfectionism as my core skill on my CV and I did not really get why companies had not responded to me that much.

I mean, who does not want to have a perfectionist working for them? Sooooo ow sooo THEIR loss.

Till one day I received a BIG BANG realisation that I have not achieved my goals...the ones I had set 2 years ago. 2 freaking years ago, Queen. And we certainly can do a lot in few years!

Thanks, Perfectionism. Weirdly, he was still standing there behind me silently whispering:

"Well, the work that you have been doing is still not perfect to see the light".

Jeez dude, two freaking years and still not good enough, seriously? Can you leave me alone for once???

In truth, the belief that perfectionism is your strength is just a part of your ego constantly wanting to prove something without truly proving something.

The truth bomb is that NO WORK IS PERFECT.

Most of the things that we do are often new, which means they are full of mistakes and need lots of improvements.

And most improvements are called improvements, because they are done after you let your things out into the world. Focus on - out into the world.

Actually, you can also do your best and put your best effort and still feel like you gonna pie in your pants from the fear of showing your baby project to the world.

There is always gonna be some fear present.

You see, perfectionism and "doing your best" is not the same thing. Because you can do your best without truly needing your work to be perfect.

"Doing your best" is that healthy way of putting your best effort, yet at the

same time understanding that at first your project will absolutely suck a little and that is fine, because you'll improve it later on, based on the reviews.

So why do we hide under perfectionism, Queen?

Because it is a hidden fear that makes us safe. It does not let us stress out too much as we will never truly be finished.

Yet, ironically we over-stress by not finishing it and degrading our abilities over and over again, feeling not being enough.

Your work, whatever you do is never gonna be perfect.

Actually, it is never about making it perfect. It is about making it just good enough, putting it to the world and afterwards improving it step by step.

Do not get picky perfectionism ruin your dreams. Don’t let those nasty excuses rule your mind.

Treat the perfectionism virus with care, dear Queen.

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