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Dealing With Cake of Sadness, Cause We All Have at Least One

I have this little guilty pleasure , I like to refer to emotions as cakes. Kinda sounds more fun, doesn't it?

So let´s call our sadness a cake too, deary.

If it would be a cake, it would probably be pretty grey, moulted and slightly stinky, having a smell of rejection, failure, fear and the general feeling of feeling low and being the devastation of the whole Universe. Kaboom!

That would be the cake that majority of people would be afraid to get in their purchased box, especially when they order a fresh one. And obviously, everyone wants a fresh cake!

Sadly, we have lots of sadness cakes floating around in our world.

The question is “How the heck we actually get it, if we do not even want it?”After all, we ordered a fresh one, so how could we get the stinky mouldy one?

Well... there is one place that cake always comes from - the factory called “FEELING NOT BEING ENOUGH”.

We are afraid to be rejected, because someone rejected us before and we stored these memories as uncomfortable emotions in our head.

We are afraid to fail, because we failed and surrounding people, maybe even our beloved one told us:

“whatever happened - do not fail”,

“failing is for losers”,

“only unprepared people fail”,

“well, you obviously do not have what it takes”,

“it is just not for you”.

And at that specific moment, it truly hurt us.

Somehow we got attached to these emotions, packing them in the backpack and taking it with us in every possible daily trip.

In other words, that backpack has become, who we truly are. Because we like turning every experience into our identity for the sanity of logic....without any logic.

So what is the only way to deal with it?

The only way to deal with it is to find the true source of it.

You need to constantly brainstorm what kind of accidents brought you these feelings.

Sometimes the memories flow straight away to the specific events. Sometimes, you need to dig much deeper. And sometimes they are stored and blocked by many chocolate walls, marsmallow mountains and fudge lakes.

From one perspective, the sweet land might sound quite appealing, but try to eat the sweets every day and just the sweets. Believe me, it would not be that fun anymore!

In order to identify what is your sadness cake, you need to understand all the ingredients. Once you do, you need to start building your new success cake called “FEELING ENOUGH”.

Important notice: do not start building your success cake, before you have dealt with your sadness cakes.

Most importantly, know that there might be even more than one sadness cake present in your life. Sorry for bringing this up...well...not really.

Honestly, most of us often have more than one sadness cake…

Yes,I know that definitely sounds encouraging.

Dealing with them might not be the easiest thing.

But you truly need to make sure to cleanse yourself from these stinkies.

If you won't take a trip in understanding your cakes of sadness, they will make sure to always stick around you, even if you hide it (or pretend to hide it) deep inside all the layers.

It will burst out at some point and you might actually throw or rub your cake in the face of another person without the direct intention.

Keeping it in the storage won't help either, as it will also result in tarnishing your good cakes.

Try to put a moulted carrot near the fresh ones, guess what will happen in a few days.

As you can see, fear of cakes can even tarnish your happiness cakes. And, I am sure, darling, you really do not need that kind of mess, do you?

So make sure to throw out the moulted stuff away and start building new tasty cakes for yourself! Cause, you absolutely deserve the most tastiest ones!

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