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Meet Shit Sandwiches Of Life

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Queen, you probably have already noticed that this blog is about direct and...sometimes uncomfortable truth.

Here is one fundamental truth that even spirituality cannot get away from:

Everything, even the most desired sparkly and glittery goals have their own shit sandwich or ...even few of them.

Does not sound so appealing or inspiring, does it?

Well, let's take a look at what exactly Shit Sandwich means, does not matter we want it or not.

I encountered that phrase first time while listening to the talk of my favorite speaker and author Brene Brown. She was discussing her well-known work about vulnerability and fear.

Fear of starting out new things, commiting to new actions and experiences. Sounds familiar? I am raising my two hands and... legs.

Does not sound so appealing or inspiring, does it? Well, let's take a look at what exactly Shit Sandwich means, because we all encounter them, does not matter we want it or not.

Well, because whatever magical passionate and super duper exciting goal we choose – it will always have a shit sandwich included as a bonus present.

Yes, darling, even spiritual practices have shit sandwiches included in them.

So what exactly is this shit sandwich? Shit sandwich is an uncomfortable outcome, task, attribute attached to your goal.

It is in fact your goal, because it is a part of the goal.

Let's say you want to be a writer, your shit sandwich might be waking up early to write; or writing in a discipline manner, specific amount of pages per week.

Let's say you want to be a speaker, your shit sandwich is lots of time spend for preparation, confidence build-up, long traveling hours.

Let's say you want to open your own company, you shit sandwich is big responsibility and hard work.

Whatever it is, everything has at least one shit sandwich, Queeen.

Because the truth is that whatever we choose to do with our lives, our tasks will not be plainly bright and shiny.

They will have these darks colours too, in fact, that is the beauty of beautiful spiritual life!

And just to annoy you a little bit more - most things have more than one shit sandwich. They simply do. I know I know this blog is definitely an enlightening party pooper.

So the question here is only one and only:

"What type of shit sandwich you are ready to eat?".

Or in other words: what type of shit sandwich is worth it? Because whatever you choose, shit sandwich will always be there.

So make sure you choose something that truly matters to you, because, dear, you gonna need to eat it! Ew, I know that sounds a little bit gross... but even that is the truth!

With time shit sandwiches can become smaller and more bearable, yet they never dissapear fully.

They are present and they will be there, we cannot truly fight it. We also cannot really run or ignore it.

Shit sandwiches are not even the bad guys, they are just shit sandwiches. No need to blame them.

So, what about asking yourself a powerful question or few :

- What shit sandwiches do you have right now in life?

- What shit sandwiches are stopping you from achieving your desires?

- What shit sandwiches do you need to accept and eat in order to achieve your dreams?

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