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Handling Things During Covid-19

We all know that managing your life during these times is...well...different. Let's not say hard, because it is just different.

Of course, we might have issues arising from these differences, but that it just adaptation to the environment. We only have these issues, because we have not been prepared. It hit us fast. And that is certainly not your fault.

Though, in whatever angle we look, we only have two choices here. Just two, there is really nothing more in between.

We can either stay and complain about our situation. Or we can start to make changes thinking how we should grow and evolve.

We choose what energy to choose during these times. And when you choose one, you take away the other. That's how energy works.

The law is simple: the more we observe, the more we become involved in the game.

Constant cmplaining soon make us play "The complaint" game, making us the gamers.

The more we do it, the more we become lost in the game, soon unable to even understand that we are even participating in the game. It becomes the new reality.

To avoid playing the game, we cannot let the fear dictate our lives.

Especially, if we want to go through this as a healthy outgrown collective.

You see, you can care, yet at the same time you can focus on more positive aspects of life.

In other words, you can make and align "what is important" based on your needs.

And your needs should always be a healthy life, because that is what makes you tick and that's what makes others tick too.Your healthy mind and body transforms other to be more healthy.

Fear is definitely not the option of that healthy meal.

We are fed by many sources right now to be in fear, we are shown mainly the negative sides.

Yet, if you spend more times researching, you can see how many good positive things have happened during this time too. Yet, they are not being shared at the same scale.