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Handling Things During Covid-19

We all know that managing your life during these times is...well...different. Let's not say hard, because it is just different.

Of course, we might have issues arising from these differences, but that it just adaptation to the environment. We only have these issues, because we have not been prepared. It hit us fast. And that is certainly not your fault.

Though, in whatever angle we look, we only have two choices here. Just two, there is really nothing more in between.

We can either stay and complain about our situation. Or we can start to make changes thinking how we should grow and evolve.

We choose what energy to choose during these times. And when you choose one, you take away the other. That's how energy works.

The law is simple: the more we observe, the more we become involved in the game.

Constant cmplaining soon make us play "The complaint" game, making us the gamers.

The more we do it, the more we become lost in the game, soon unable to even understand that we are even participating in the game. It becomes the new reality.

To avoid playing the game, we cannot let the fear dictate our lives.

Especially, if we want to go through this as a healthy outgrown collective.

You see, you can care, yet at the same time you can focus on more positive aspects of life.

In other words, you can make and align "what is important" based on your needs.

And your needs should always be a healthy life, because that is what makes you tick and that's what makes others tick too.Your healthy mind and body transforms other to be more healthy.

Fear is definitely not the option of that healthy meal.

We are fed by many sources right now to be in fear, we are shown mainly the negative sides.

Yet, if you spend more times researching, you can see how many good positive things have happened during this time too. Yet, they are not being shared at the same scale.

And even here, we should not complain too much.

Because the government is trying to solve it too. Of course, some methods it uses might work, some will. Most of these methods are new, so these unfamiliar ways might create lots of resistance too.

But we can only learn from testing. In the end, government's main purpose is to solve the panic, to lower it.

Cause can you see what happens when it spreads? People fight for toilet paper in shops... And after all of this, we want aliens and to come and visit us? Who would want to involve themselves in toilet paper wars? :)

You get the point, Queen. We really do not need to fight.

The only fight we need to do is that we should spread love with positive solutions.

We should act to help.

And that help starts from you becoming more aware of yourself. Cause when you do - you create a benefit for the whole world.

So within this time, let's learn how to be more present.

Let's learn how to breath. How to judge less. How to observe our thoughts. How to sit with silence. How to appreciate the little pigeon outside your window.

Here are 3 tips what you can do right now:


Let's be aware of the words we use and change them to more powerful ones. Let's not call it "isolation", let's call it "the beauty of awareness". Feel the difference?

Words have power, words have energy that we transfer to the world around us.

Make sure you use powerful words, because the words can attract you new outstanding opportunities, we just need to build the castle for it. That castle starts in our minds.


This is the time where you can finally learn how to meditate, do yoga, integrate positive healthy routines in your morning.

Those are not some kind of "voodoo hippish routines", those are the things that help your mind to be nourished.

So be open for experimenting during this moment, all you need to do is just FIND the time. You already HAVE it, you just need to FIND it. In the end, we spend all this time complaining how bored we are. Why not put this time complaining time to action?


Ever wanted to learn something new or improve an existing skill?

I am sure you can find at least one thing on your bucket list. If you do not, psychological or communicate skills can be always improved and it is for the benefit of all.

But this is that time to read THAT book. To do THAT online course.

I truly recommend everyone to try online courses, I promise you, if you'll start it - you'll get hooked. It might seem weird at first, if you have not tried it before. But there is so much goodness out there!

Some courses are even free, some are quite cheap; and , yes, some are more expensive. But all of them offer some kind of value.

You can find any life area, any topic online and you can have your own flexibility around it - you can learn it anytime, at your own pace.

Here are few learning platforms:





Just jump there, choose few courses and start. I am sure you'll have a fun time with your expanding curiosity, Queen.

Once you are done, let me know what activity/routine/or course you are doing right now and what benefits you obtain from it. Remember, sharing is caring and we can all learn from it.

Cheers to the never ending learning!

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