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Harnessing Moon Energy for Manifestation

Do you know that Earth is known to be the Manifestation planet?

This could mean only one thing: we are here to understand the powers of manifestation and to harness it.

In addition, we are here as spiritual beings undertaking human experience. Which means we have the opportunity to use both spiritual and human-ordinary tools!

Most often in spirituality, we believe that we should use only spiritual tools, but we have this body for the reason. We have human experience for a reason. Otherwise why as spiritual beings we would be placed in it?

We have it, so that we can use our body's potential too.

And that means that logical (brain) and practical (hands-on-hands work) things should not be forgotten too.

We can truly combine both spiritual realm goodies and planning together (this is my spiritual preaching mantra you probably have heard me say for the hundred times, hallelujaj Diana)!

And in fact, we absolutely should combine it. Cause why we would leave the part of it untouched? Why we would neglect it than it can offer us lots of energetic yumminess?

This is why in this blog post, I want to touch with your the power of manifestation through Moon cycles. Mmmm, yes - that perfect spot where nature meets goal setting.

Where rituals and routines can flourish together embracing our Inner Goddess. Where we say YES to divine feminine and combine it with goal setting masculine energies.

Owww, dear, the Moon has so much to offer us!

And to think more about it... probably even the Moon has cycles for a the reason? Never though this way, ech?

I mean seriously, why we would have seasons and Moon cycles and similar changes, if it would be for totally nothing? Maybe we truly need to learn something from it, mmm? How is that for a thought?

So here you will find an explanation of each Moon phase and how we can take its energies inside ourselves, harnessing it for our manifestations.

Cause everything flows easier then we accept the natural order, then we integrate ourselves into it. After all, we are Nature ourselves.

You can also listen to our "Mystic Queens Circle" Podcast episode "The Powers of the Moon:Moon Phases" to learn more about it ( also available on iTunes & Spotify).