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Harnessing Moon Energy for Manifestation

Do you know that Earth is known to be the Manifestation planet?

This could mean only one thing: we are here to understand the powers of manifestation and to harness it.

In addition, we are here as spiritual beings undertaking human experience. Which means we have the opportunity to use both spiritual and human-ordinary tools!

Most often in spirituality, we believe that we should use only spiritual tools, but we have this body for the reason. We have human experience for a reason. Otherwise why as spiritual beings we would be placed in it?

We have it, so that we can use our body's potential too.

And that means that logical (brain) and practical (hands-on-hands work) things should not be forgotten too.

We can truly combine both spiritual realm goodies and planning together (this is my spiritual preaching mantra you probably have heard me say for the hundred times, hallelujaj Diana)!

And in fact, we absolutely should combine it. Cause why we would leave the part of it untouched? Why we would neglect it than it can offer us lots of energetic yumminess?

This is why in this blog post, I want to touch with your the power of manifestation through Moon cycles. Mmmm, yes - that perfect spot where nature meets goal setting.

Where rituals and routines can flourish together embracing our Inner Goddess. Where we say YES to divine feminine and combine it with goal setting masculine energies.

Owww, dear, the Moon has so much to offer us!

And to think more about it... probably even the Moon has cycles for a the reason? Never though this way, ech?

I mean seriously, why we would have seasons and Moon cycles and similar changes, if it would be for totally nothing? Maybe we truly need to learn something from it, mmm? How is that for a thought?

So here you will find an explanation of each Moon phase and how we can take its energies inside ourselves, harnessing it for our manifestations.

Cause everything flows easier then we accept the natural order, then we integrate ourselves into it. After all, we are Nature ourselves.

You can also listen to our "Mystic Queens Circle" Podcast episode "The Powers of the Moon:Moon Phases" to learn more about it ( also available on iTunes & Spotify).

Let's get the Moon Manifesting Magic rolling ( 3 powerful M's):


This where we start fresh, where we prepare ourselves to open the doors to the new begginings aka new manifestations. In other words, this is a clean slate period.

Many people associate New Moon with new goals for a reason as this is where we start the new cycle of accumulation. This is why many advice to set goals during the New Moon phase or 2-3 days after/before it.

Though, in more energetic terms this is not truly a goal setting phase, it is more the preparation for it.

So this process is more anti-social, where we need alone time to turn off, process, and brainstorm on what we need anew. We are starting to set intentions, but we are not really setting it.


Now, this is exactly the phase where we move towards intentions and start setting them aloud. We look at our hopes and wishes, we are ready to plant the new seeds.

This is where we lay groundwork for the next project/idea and desire. So most of the goal setting should actually happen during this phase, not during the New Moon.


This is the decision making phase. By desicion-making I mean real committed desicion making, not just pure brainstorming.

This is the highest clarity intervention, where we start doing the things, where we take steps forward.

This is also why it is the phase when small resistance will start showing up.

It can either come as results, though, more often it comes as nasty thoughts and unhealthy beliefs telling us what we shouldn't do or shouldn't start. The protection of the marvellous Ego of which we talk so much about in this blog. Hey, buddy, thank you, but no!

Challenges and obstacles might arrive. In fact, they definitely will, so be prepared to have some bumbs around your round, but don't be frightened about it.

There always need to be some little mess before things get totally settled. Most important here is to keep marching vs quitting or getting on the "poor-me" ladder.


This is where we do a little follow up on how we are doing. We adjust, refine, maybe edit and change a little.

Most of it just includes doing small tweaking. Remember, not quitting, unless you truly realised that it is not for you (which is quite rare), but this is more about changing few things and readjusting to have more flow.

We mostly quit or things do not work out not because we are not capable of something, but because we are used to march without any follow up.

Almost all things need some re-adjustement in between, so make sure not to skip it. Also, few edits can make big miracles saving you lots of time and avoiding non-needed Mister Stress.


Here we are on the famous phase of craziness.

There is even an explanation for that - during this phase Moon truly pulls the water and as we are around 70 % of water we should not really be that surprised that it influences us. It pulls our emotions to surface! Because it needs to be embraced.

So this phase is all about embracing, emotions ruling truly high as we are looking at our harvest and what it brought us.

There is lots of releasing that needs to be done during this phase or maybe more the preparation for it. This phase is more about acceptance and non-judgement , just understanding that things happened for the reason.

It is also the phase where we are emotionally welcomed to reap the benefits, think deeper about our gains, not only material and visible ones, but also how it influenced us within.

No surprise some tension and fight to find balance might appear during this time. But again, welcome it as a part of nature, as a apart of you.


Ow, love, this is the time to be grateful. To share your outcomes with the world and your loved ones. To give and spend (yet not to overspend).

Enthusiasm should increase during these times or at least you will feel the shift of higher energies appearing. If that is not happening, make sure to create it yourself.

Also remember: sharing your victories is truly not a crime and arrogance, it is another part of the manifestation circle that needs to be done in order to keep it all in a flow.


Now, this is where true release happens. A powerful phase of true forgiveness.

This is why Full Moon was just the preparation and gratitude phase was the focus point on the good outcomes on what you learned from it.

Once these two phases are finished, you are truly ready to release the energies, let go and forgive. Forgive the things that did not work. Forgive the others. Most importantly, forgive yourself.


Lots of inside work has been done in the previous few phases, walking you towards this one. Because true surrender requires lots of work.

But at this time, you should be more open to choose this path.

This is where you take the rest and recuperate. Surrender to the Universe and its flow to show you the way forward. Empty yourself, do not overthink what willl be later on or on which goal you should jump on next.

Forgive even more if needed, but take time to digest it all without even the need to think. Invest now in yourself and the poor belief that it will all go the way it supposed to go.

Here it is, babes, quite a magical ride, isn't it?

I personally have been working more and more with Moon Manifestation Magic these past years and I love how more flowy my life and manifestations become when I truly surrender to the Natural forces.

Nature truly seeks to help us, we just need to be open to take it in and open up.

I hope you will experience that Magic too. Either way, what would you loose for trying?;)

To The Moon and Back. Keep Manifesting.

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