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Hello, Motivation, Where Are You?

Dear Queen, did you ever ask yourself one magical question:

“Where can I find motivation?"

We all constantly pop this question to each other. You can even start believing that motivation is similar to Chupacabra ( legendary creature just like Loch Ness monster): everyone looks for it, yet no one is really sure how it really looks.

In fact, not even sure, if it exists. No, wait, it does, doesn´t it?

Well, darling, motivation is actually inside you; so it is indeed quite confusing seeing many women, who do their searches by looking outside their inner apartments.

Motivation is not gonna knock on yours doors and announce that it is there, because, well, it already lives with you.

Definitely, environmental things can enhance your motivation, but the core building block foundation on which you build your house of goals is already inside yourself.

If you are unable to understand that and truly feel it – you will be unable to achieve any kind of precious desire.

Let´s just stop here and try to explain the definition of motivation for ourselves.

What is exactly motivation?

Mostly people explain it as some sort of powerful help that drives you to the goal, kicks your butt and minimizes the risk of failing.

It seems like it is an invisible guru leading us through everything, we just sit and do not need to do anything.

That guru controls it all.

Wai wait wait.... Heck, who is in control here? It is you and only you.

You make these choices. You kick your butt. You plan. You do. You even fail and raise again. Or you complain.

The worst disease happening worldwide is that we often use motivation only to explain our achievements or non-achievements, because surely all the results are only the work of Miss Motivation.

Explaining our failure becomes so much easier, when we say “I was not able to do it, because my motivation diminished”.

Ow and if you have not even tried to go for your goal, here is another great one to use:

“I lack motivation to start”.

Let´s jump to the mathematical formula of achievement: Motivation = your will.

Yes, Queen, it is that simple. It is nothing else. Just your will to do or not to do.

And of course, we Queens surely do not want others to see that we do not do something, because we lack the will. We do not want to accept it even by ourselves.

However, as long as we do not accept it, we will not be able to move towards our dreams.

It is a loop and it keeps circling and circling around like those swings in entertainment parks that go round and around.

It is your choice, if you decide to stay or jump off that swing.

So, here it goes - motivation is a commitment to start and continue.

It is a contract to yourself.

Yes, you actually need to sign the damn contract. I am in fact more than serious.

CREATE AND SIGN IT and hang it on your wall or put it as your wallpaper, anywhere you will be able to see it, even if you are making a poopy. Queens still go to toilets too ...just saying.

Most importantly, understand that each day is important on its own, which will allow you to truly live in that day, to be present HERE and NOW.

Do not allow yourself to think and say "TOMMOROW". Cause we all know that TOMORROW often turns into NEVER.

So, darling, stop making motivation to be an excuse for not doing something.

We all have the power within us to achieve great potential. Motivation is just the continuing action.

And you know what? Motivation is actually highly linked with other people, not in the sense of control, but in the sense that we never achieve anything alone.

We start commitment alone and our will and power is personal, but in order to succeed we need to surround ourselves with supporting people, especially people that are seeking or already have what you want.

Stop getting jealous and comparing yourself with others. That’s already a killer poison spilled by yourself, to your own dreams.

Do not get jealous of others, but be proud that those people occured in your life, because they are the people, who can teach you something.

Just ask them all the questions you want to ask, or at least follow what they do.

At the same time, understand that these people won’t solve your issues; you will solve issues with their help, but they won’t be there every day and every hour checking, if you have eaten a chocolate muffin or a carrot.

Have mentors, which will guide you, coaches that listen and try to help you achieve success, groups that talk about your interests, friends you share your feelings with.

Just make yourself accountable and responsible for your choices and even the choices that you do not make.

Do not blame an invisible force called motivation for that!

If you really want to have motivation juices flowing in your life, Queen, you can obtain it only by achieving the results.

So, expand your big goal into small ones: daily, weekly and/or monthly. Tick them when achieved and reward yourself for it.

This creates the fulfilment feeling and that is that motivation is all about. IT IS A FEELING OF FULFILMENT!

You cannot receive any kind of fulfilment without results. Yet, remember, however small they might seem, every result is big in itself.

It is time to say "HI" to your inner motivation, and kick your butt by your own hands without sitting and discussing the Chupacabras and Loch Ness monsters.

After all, you live this life to fulfill yourself, to grow as a powerful Queen, not to complain about the lack of motivation.

So, keep rocking that kind of life, not the one full of miserable excuses!

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