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Hey, But What is Spirituality? 3 Pillars Of Human Spirituality

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

I need to admit, love, I still feel weird every time someone asks me "What exactly is Spiritually?".

And when I feel weird that I feel weird...

After all, I have been working with spirituality for a long time. Both on my own personal journey and also teaching the benefits of it to the others. Shouldn't I feel totally fine answering that question?

But in truth, spirituality is still not-an-ordinary talk topic.

And, heck, at times it is complex, not by itself, but by its own explanation ( haha even that sounds complex).

You see, spirituality itself is the core of BEING YOU. Being present. Being in your power. Connecting with the consciousness.

That conciousness is YOU. It is simply connecting both with you and the whole Universe.

Mmmm like that would be that simple, yes?

So, yes, it is simplistic in itself - we just need TO BE, but at the same time it is complex... because, hey, how the spiritual heck should we suppose to reach it?

And this is exactly what makes me feel weird every time I hear that "What is Spirituality?"question. Because I truly do not know how to explain it in a simple way. Do you, dear?

For me, spirituality is life itself.

That answer definitely does not make people understand it at a more comprehensive level, doh.

Who knows, maybe you also feel the same trying to explain your "voodoo" experience for someone that does not get spirituality. While for you those "voodo" experiences are just a pure norm and common reality.

Surely, it seems a little weird to explain the thing that seems common to you to the others. In the end, shouldn't they get it themselves? This is actually the dark side of spiritual awakening.

Spiritual enlightened people might find it annoying to explain the things that by them "supposed to be understood" .

Yet, most often that belief is just the Ego trying to disturb the spiritual awakening. Yes, our famous friend that does not leave us even with the spiritual enlightenment.

Because our norm might not be the norm for others. Our "ordinary" and "common" might not be that ordinary and common to the rest.