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Hey, But What is Spirituality? 3 Pillars Of Human Spirituality

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

I need to admit, love, I still feel weird every time someone asks me "What exactly is Spiritually?".

And when I feel weird that I feel weird...

After all, I have been working with spirituality for a long time. Both on my own personal journey and also teaching the benefits of it to the others. Shouldn't I feel totally fine answering that question?

But in truth, spirituality is still not-an-ordinary talk topic.

And, heck, at times it is complex, not by itself, but by its own explanation ( haha even that sounds complex).

You see, spirituality itself is the core of BEING YOU. Being present. Being in your power. Connecting with the consciousness.

That conciousness is YOU. It is simply connecting both with you and the whole Universe.

Mmmm like that would be that simple, yes?

So, yes, it is simplistic in itself - we just need TO BE, but at the same time it is complex... because, hey, how the spiritual heck should we suppose to reach it?

And this is exactly what makes me feel weird every time I hear that "What is Spirituality?"question. Because I truly do not know how to explain it in a simple way. Do you, dear?

For me, spirituality is life itself.

That answer definitely does not make people understand it at a more comprehensive level, doh.

Who knows, maybe you also feel the same trying to explain your "voodoo" experience for someone that does not get spirituality. While for you those "voodo" experiences are just a pure norm and common reality.

Surely, it seems a little weird to explain the thing that seems common to you to the others. In the end, shouldn't they get it themselves? This is actually the dark side of spiritual awakening.

Spiritual enlightened people might find it annoying to explain the things that by them "supposed to be understood" .

Yet, most often that belief is just the Ego trying to disturb the spiritual awakening. Yes, our famous friend that does not leave us even with the spiritual enlightenment.

Because our norm might not be the norm for others. Our "ordinary" and "common" might not be that ordinary and common to the rest.

Of course, I need to mention that not everything can be explained within the logical mind understanding. Try to explain that sentence to people, haha. Just the explanation and the fact that logic and brain is not everything can make some people... quite mad.

But some things cannot be explained by words... it needs to be felt.

Yet, words are still a useful and beautiful language for communication.

This is why the past few months I have been trying to dig that perfect definition of spirituality. The simple tiny gritty explanation that would make the concept more understandable for the people, who ask the "What is Spirituality?" question.

So... guess what?

I haven't found that perfect definition as nothing perfect truly exists.

But I uncovered lots of interesting information for my further search for that "perfect spiritual definition". To be continued...

And within this, I have found 3 PILLARS OF HUMAN SPIRITUALITY. The important building stones that lead you towards spirituality or help you understand more of it, including how it can be integrated within our lives for the benefit of growth.

Let's check them out together:


This integrates both external and internal relationships. Often people look just at internal relationship within spirituality as spirituality has a lot to do with your inner work. However, both of the parts are important in creating a cohesive unit of beauty.

Of course, it all starts form yourself. Internal relationship with yourself and how you deal with yourself. It is all about nurturing yourself and your higher self. It is basically constant feeling, awareness of your emotions and your body signals.

It is also a lot about questioning yourself "Am I fully in tune?", "Do I feel fine with this or not?", "What do I need for myself right now?".

Truth is that most of us do not do it often enough.

We just run from point A to B, forgetting that true magic happens with a pause button, a good review and a strong inner question.

Keep in mind, that good relationship with yourself also includes personal development and inner growth.

Everything is growing in nature and seeks to expand, so is your soul. Make sure to feed it with curiosity and new learning experiences.

Now, let's jump to external relationships.

External relationships here is how you relate, support and interact with others. This also includes not just people, but the whole surrounding environment.

In addition, often good internal relationship also leads to better external relationships.

So ,dear, never think that you need to close yourself in the cave with spirituality and that you need to focus only on internal relationships. External relationships can grow you internally too, but you definitely need to choose the healthy ones.

Simply, respect yourself enough to choose a positive life and you will be surprised by how much benefit that will create in your own life, because energy is a powerful contagious force. And that is what a healthy external relationship is all about.


Interestingly, this is the part that is being often forgotten in the spiritual discussions. Mostly, because we believe that we have the same or similar values in the spiritual world and well... we do have some of same ones: to raise love frequencies and share the light.

Yet, at the same time, we are experiencing human mundane life, which is also the integration of spirituality and that means - being fully aware what are our values and how things what we do align to them.

After all, we choose to experience spirituality different based on these values too. We all want to have different professions and different hobbies too. We even want to do meditation it different ways. And, yes, that all relates to your values.

Values are those deep light gems in you, making both your human experience and soul experience flourish. So tell me, dear, do you know your 3 main values in life?

If not, it is time so sit, create some time and brainstorm about it by looking at what you do, how you do it, what you like and what you don't as these things showcase your true core values.

Happiness of life has a lot to do with reviewing your values and checking how your actions align to them.

You will always feel unhappy when you trespass your values, which is a good indication on what you need to do more work on or what things you need to change.

Living up to your values will truly make your life feel amazing.

Though, remember, at the same time avoid judging other people that have slightly different values (as long as these values do not harm them or harm the surrounding environment).

And even with that, judgement won't help... But confrontation and help for these people might. Because you know it yourself love, judgement helps no one.


This one probably won't be that surprising: life purpose is the driving force of all of us being here on Earth.

Your life purpose is your motivation. It is that spark coming from within that keeps you going. It is also the value to the world itself.

After all, you are not here just to do things for you! Yes, you are here to grow within you that will influence the growth of others too. But you are also here to interact, to communicate, to share.

And you can always do it through the integration of your life purpose.

And please, remember love, whatever life purpose you have - it is creating value for others.

This is exactly why you have it, it is the exchange of energy itself and none life purpose is too small or too big. Each one is unique and special on its own.

The question is more, if you know your life purpose?

Sometimes the big search of it and inability to find it creates lots of turmoil and sadness in people. Sadly, I have seen it happening to others many times.

But most often your life purpose is always there inside you, you just need to open up to receiving the information vibrating through you. And, I promise you that it always shows itself!

In fact, it probably already showed itself to you many times, especially when you were younger. So do that magical review of your past to see what you can learn for the NOW moment.

And do not think about your life purpose as a separation from you. It is you. So it cannot be something that is not existing or something that is missing. Nothing is missing, nothing needs to be created anew.

Simple delve deep, dive into yourself and you will find all the needed pieces.

How do those 3 pillars sound for you? This is just three pillars of spirituality, but can we agree that they are simple, yet complex beauties, aren't they?

Those topics are always integrated into our lives. Yet, sadly, we discount these topics and think they are just the part of a common lifestyle, not spirituality.

Well, as I mentioned before - spirituality is life itself.

It is you and your connection with you or more THROUGH YOU.

So take some time to evaluate these pillars in your life and how happy you are with them, at this moment, love.

Be precise and clear. Yet, not judgemental. Accept where you are right now and decide to move forward to a better future without the need to complain about "the wasted time".

Cause "wasted time" does not truly exist. Your past experience can never be wasted.

And keep growing. Evolving. Accepting. This is always the right path towards spirituality.

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