How to Heal Your Energy (Chakras)

Want to feel healthy, happy and vibrant? Can I hear a big "HECK YES!" ? Because, hey, who the spiritual heck doesn't?

So if that is a clear "YES" - all you need to do is just do some little work with your energy pools aka chakras.

And believe me, that work does not need to be hard or long, it can actually be quite fun and entertaining self-time. This is exactly what we will touch in this blog post. Fun activities for healing and expanding your energies, and reaching higher vibrations. That will result in much.... ow much higher moods.

Moon Goddess Aligned With Her Chakras

In the previous blog post I discussed with you the basis of chakras and how their imbalance can be visible through certain body tensions or pain.

If you still have not read that blog post, I would really advice you to do it. Why? Cause firstly, we need to be aware of what we are exactly healing. We need to have clarity. We need to prioritise and choose in order to begin the healing journey.

So pop up to the blog post "Can it Be That Your Chakras Are Not in Balance?" and choose one chakra with which you want to work on. The one you resonate the most.

Have one? Good, then let's keep moving to the divine healing. By divine I mean healing that comes from yourself, because you are that divine beauty that is truly the most important!

Might sound a little egoistic, but well looking at the deep perspective and even spirituality - you are the most important, cause the way how you feel and what you do impact everyone else.

So does your energy. This is exactly why healing yourself and your energy will help not only you, but also the others, who surround you.

Now, if you know me, you also know that I like using creative, yet simple methods for any kind of my spiritual practices or even healing. I believe that we really do not need to spend gigantic amount of hours in order to feel better.

Sometimes few minutes of pure conciousness can be much more than few hours of calming activity, because it all depends HOW we do it, not WHAT WE DO.

This is why I want to present you with 3 fun ways to heal you chakras.

Yes, love, you can absolutely do it on your own! Having an expert for help can be a great asset, yet the final take and results come only from the way how you practice the healing, what you integrate in your daily life and how you show up to it.

Let's jump into those 3 fun ways for chakra healing:

1. Chakra Healing Music

This is probably the cheapest and the easiest method to integrate for chakra healing.

And well, it can be used in so many various ways: when you relax and lie in bed, when you walk, when you cook, even when you work having your headphones on and listening to it.

What is chakra healing music?

It is special music that has certain Hz, which are basically musical energies - vibrations that reach your subconscious ( those deep layers of your mind were you store your deepest inner beliefs).

You can find lots of chakra music tracks on Youtube. Simple type " chakra healing music" and wuaaalia! Many of these tracks are for all 7 chakras, but you can also type the specific chakra on which you want to focus on, getting the music track specific for it.

While you can listen to it any time and anywhere as I have mentioned previously, the best way to do it is, of course, by having pure relaxation when you do not do anything else.

It is also the best way, because you can fully focus on your sensations in the body and what happens when you listen to it. Believe me, it can get quite magical and, at times, you can certainly feel the energy "walk" around your body.

I often listen to chakra healing music, if I get a tension headache and no surprise (not anymore at least) - it disappears fast. The only thing I regret is that I have not started using chakra healing music years ago.

2. Crystal Healing

Are you crystals lover? If you are not, you are loosing a lot. Seriously, the earth has so many gorgeous "rocks" not only for the admiration purpose (heck, it makes your place look ethereal), but also for the energetic healing. Crystals are literally energy conducts.

You actually might notice that you'll feel being drawn to some certain crystals, while some of them might repel you.

That's no coincidence, the crystals that you like are "calling" to your chakras that need to be healed.

You can find on internet many crystals corresponding to certain chakras, so if you do not know what to do - choose the chakra and google "heart/throat/third eye chakra crystals".

Though, you can also visit your local crystal shop or online store and choose a crystal or few that seems to call for you (that rhymes well).

Once you do, all you need to do (I am in rhyme mode now) is to place the crystal on the chakra you want to balance/heal and just simple lie for few minutes.

Bonus points, if you imagine crystal having energetic aura around it that seeps into your chakra, connecting crystal with it.

If you feel uncomfortable with this practice, you can simple place you crystal under your pillow and sleep with it for few weeks or a month, and check afterwards how you feel.

Ammm, just one thingie here! Some crystals are producing very energetic "on-the-go" energies that can really make you feel hyper-active or increase your focus. That's not what you really want for sleep, do you?

So certainly those crystals are not the best tools for sleep. Just make sure you do not choose those. As always Google knows it all.

3. Gentle Embrace of the Heart Chakra

This chakra healing method focuses on your Heart chakra, because your Heart Chakra works as an anchor for upper and lower chakras.

Upper 3 chakras are in a sense more spiritual, more soul based; while 3 lower chakras are more grounding, more earth-based.

This means that The Heart Chakra is the balance between all of them. Yes, The Heart Chakra is the core of our energetic frequency. Our heart clearly likes to make big statements.

Basically, all chakra healing is all about OPENING UP. So just like with any chakra healing, here we need to open up our hearts. For most of us that does not feel too safe ( thanks to our safety-based brain and Ego whispers).

But, hey , there is no going around. This is how it needs to be done.

The very easy way is to do this is to gently place your left palm on your heart, and when the right one on the top of it. Spend few minutes holding your hands to your heart and listening to it by saying "I love you and I accept you".

Just few minutes of your time, but ow dear, it is more than powerful!

If you meditate regularly, you can do this palm placement within meditation too. It actually biologically calms us down as our body sees it as a compassionate embrace. Beautiful, isn't it?

So here we go: 3 really simple healing practices that can make your chakras flourish out the charts.

As you can see, you really do not need to overcomplicate it. Using these methods can be really fun and they truly do not require lots of time, so "I do not have time" excuses are just not gonna fit here for sure.

What about choosing one method and trying it out for 7 days?

Afterwards following it up, reviewing how you feel and either following up with it for longer time frame or choosing another one.

Cause you can know what you truly prefer only once you try few various methods. Just because one does not work with you, does not mean that others won't too.

Most importantly, whatever you do - FEEL IT. The energy heals the fastest through emotions and feelings, not thoughts or actions. Though, the latter is also quite important.

If you try one of these fun techniques - let me know how it felt! I wish you a marvelous chakra healing time, dearies.

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