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Is Ego Truly Just a Bad Guy?

You know that nasty side of you that always makes a big mess in life?

Yes, even Queens has it....

Wherever you go, you always carry that other "person" with you.

It is called the EGO.

Yea, surely that can't be you....

Let's just pretend that none of us have that disgusting rotting beast inside ourselves.

Because, truly, who in their sane mental state would even admit that it is the part of them?

After all, we are all angels and never do any terrible things. Especially us Queens, obviously.

We definitely always accept that it is our fault. We always agree with everyone. We never piss of people and never ruin our friendships.

That is not us, Queens, doing that. It is obviously the Ego.

Seems like a total villain.

It certainly can make lots, ow lots of issues.

However, most often it is well… kinda naive and stupid. Cause all it wants to do is to protect you.

Yes, your Mister Ego is your PROTECTIVE PERSONALITY.

It wants you to be safe. There is just one tiny winy little problem. Everything in life is pretty much ammm... not safe.

Learning and doing new things is not safe.

Your brain actually sees new things as a big threat, because you are leaving your comfort zone lines. And it certainly does not like it.