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Is Ego Truly Just a Bad Guy?

You know that nasty side of you that always makes a big mess in life?

Yes, even Queens has it....

Wherever you go, you always carry that other "person" with you.

It is called the EGO.

Yea, surely that can't be you....

Let's just pretend that none of us have that disgusting rotting beast inside ourselves.

Because, truly, who in their sane mental state would even admit that it is the part of them?

After all, we are all angels and never do any terrible things. Especially us Queens, obviously.

We definitely always accept that it is our fault. We always agree with everyone. We never piss of people and never ruin our friendships.

That is not us, Queens, doing that. It is obviously the Ego.

Seems like a total villain.

It certainly can make lots, ow lots of issues.

However, most often it is well… kinda naive and stupid. Cause all it wants to do is to protect you.

Yes, your Mister Ego is your PROTECTIVE PERSONALITY.

It wants you to be safe. There is just one tiny winy little problem. Everything in life is pretty much ammm... not safe.

Learning and doing new things is not safe.

Your brain actually sees new things as a big threat, because you are leaving your comfort zone lines. And it certainly does not like it.

I know this might not sound too reasurring. Sorry, darlings, if this blog makes your life more complicated. Nah, not sorry at all....

You know what is the worst thing for the ego? Curiosity. We can call it growth.

Cause growth is all about learning and doing new things.

Ego absolutely hates it, because that makes you lift your ass and constantly question your beliefs.

Curiosity makes you do totally new things and well… let’s be real creates a little bit of stress. Cause all new things do, simply because they are new to us.

So, every time you hear that voice in your mind saying “you can’t, because it is new”, know it is your ego knocking on your brains.

But even with these nasty things, your ego is not always bad.

Your ego protects you from many things.

Especially from jerks by shouting (to you) to create certain boundaries. Thank, you, dear EGO.

Actually, there is one thing your ego needs the most. It needs love.

And at the same time it truly hates it. Because, doh, ego's life purpose is to be annoyed. Of course, it'll never admit that it needs love... ( shhh do no tell it that I told you!)

So it is actually you that needs love, in order to control your ego. Love will simply tame it and turn it into a lovely kitty.

Ego truly just needs some loving understanding that everything will be fine. That you are actually safe.

Yes, that means that you need to observe and literally talk with your ego.

Yes, that is kinda talking with yourself. Come on, like that never ever happened before to you, Queen...

So, yes all of these "blah blah" annoying advices that everything can be healed with love are actually real! You cannot truly control your ego without it.

You need to cuddle your ego, pad it softly, show it gratitude for its protection and let it know that it is safe, that you are safe.

Let it know that you are controlling the situation, that you have the power, the confidence and you can absolutely freaking do it! No worries, Ego!

And just like that, the ego will complain a little and make some faces, yet it will also slowly retreat into it's personal cuddly cage. At least for a while.

Truth is, it can never totally leave you. Does not matter how much you try.

In fact, the worst ego is thinking that you can get rid of the ego.

Ego is always gonna be there, no matter how enlightened you'll become.

Cause ego is our guide on earth and we all need it for our safety.

You can only befriend it by acknowledging it, thanking it and letting it know that you are in control and you are able to deal with it all.

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