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Let's Talk About That TRUE MATURITY

Because Maturity is a spiritual topic. Yes, for real.

I know it might sounds a little weird in a way. Doesn't it? Well, let's uncover what it truly means.

We often hear people say to others "be more mature". We might have even used that phrase ourselves... or we might have been on the receiving end of it.

Why do we use this phrase?

Simple, because we either do not feel being fully seen, or we do not see the person observing the environment fully (not seeing the necessary signs and concepts and making proper conclusions).

Because maturity is the inner growth. Maturity is openness, reflection and awareness.

Because maturity is seeing, feeling and observing. It is the state of being present and not neglecting what is in front of you.

And most often what is in front of us in not just a view that can be seen. It is always much deeper. With inner layers and experiences, issues and understandings, wounds and personal wishes.

So, in the end, true maturity is not about age. It is about our spiritual growth, because that is what spirituality is - being the observer. Having full awareness. Being present with consciousness.

In order to do that, we need to be open. Open to dig deeper. Into another person's mind and heart.

It is ultimate listening, where we listen not only with our ears, but pretty much with all our organs. Literally. Because that is listening with all energy, sensing the energy of others.

Maturity is about dealing with our issues and not running away from it with numbness.

Maturity is unpeeling our wounds and making them visible. Not for the benefit to get "a-pity-you" comfort from others, to make us feel more appreciated.

We show our wounds to evolve through our suffering and those hellishly uncomfortable experiences that heck, of course, we absolutely do not deserve.

But maturity is also NOT about the blame. Maturity knows that judgement is a silly game, because everyone and everything can be judged.

Maturity does not play silly games. It chooses not to participate.

Though, Maturity still chooses to say "YES" and "NO", as it understand that it cannot take it all at once.

Cause it is mature to know what you want and what you do not want. Every single moment.

It is mature to be honest with yourself about what you truly need. It is mature to say it loudly to yourself and to others.

How does Maturity mostly speak? In a calm tone. It does not need to scream. But, of course, there are times when even Maturity needs to raise its voice. But not too much. Not for too long.

Maturity is all about being vulnerable.

Vulnerable to share your true self with others, even while knowing that you might be rejected.

Because Maturity does not seek to please. It knows that pleasing is just another silly game for the Ego.

Maturity choose another game - to share love. But it still does it in its unique way and it knows that not everyone will understand or even appreciate that type of love.

Maturity accepts it as a norm. Maturity does not get angry about it.

It does not need to prove anything.

Because it is a proof by itself. A proof of consciousness.

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