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Life is a Never Ending School of Knowledge

Knowing that we can improve at any times and everywhere opens to us the most diverse and sometimes even quite unexpected doors that lead us to a self growth education school of life.

If we stop acknowledging, listening and understanding that every situation is a lesson - we stop growing.

Every person you meet is carrying a self-made school baggage and each one of those is full of the sources of knowledge that can be opened for you too.

By living and participating in self-growing school daily we can learn to receive sources of knowledge from each individual.

And, yes, that means that we can actually learn even from the most annoying, rude and victim attitude infected people. Let's take a little pause here to comprehend this.

I know I know... you might be asking “ What can THEY (mostly here we attach some nasty names as e.g: assholes) teach me?”.

They can teach you various things:

  • Sometimes, what we really do not want to have - specific living habits, beliefs and behaviours;

  • Sometimes, who we do not want to become,

  • Sometimes, who we are deep inside ourselves,

  • Sometimes, they show us our past that we still cannot truly let go and forgive

Let's not forget that we can learn not only from people, but also from animals, things, plants, elements, and to put it mildly, just the environment around us!

You can feel the creativity waves, expand your ideas, feel the beauty of each detail, the strength, flexibility and the color ranging palets by simply looking at things and people with curiosity.

Sometimes you might be taken away with an excitement and love for the world! It's an unspoken beauty, not only for the eyes, but also for the soul.

I have learned that every person has his own world and knowledge, experiences and grieves, joys and fears.

He can share it all, no matter what it may be, whatever it may be.

I learned to understand that everything I want to understand can be found.

And most often, when we truly want something strongly and have a detailed view of our purpose- the universe sends it to us.

When it occurs we get quite surprised. But we do not need to fully understand how it works, we just have to feel it and believe it.

I also believe in self-help and its signs. I believe that I have grown a lot and I have learned, improved and developed. I believe that I will keep opening the door to knowledge and by doing this, I will not stop sharing it with others.

I want to share with you, Queen, that I wish you to live by knowing that we can still learn a lot. I wish that the credo of your life would be the beauty of curiosity, every time and everywhere, even at times when you might want to throw it through the window.

Always stop and ask yourself, "What can I learn from this?" Believe me, you can find at least one answer in any situation.

Yes, even in the most difficult ones.

By living in such way you will increase the amount of your answers and their quality.

Honestly, the book of questions and answers in your life will never end.

Because you will walk in self-development path, knowing that you can always have more things to learn from.

For your improvement & never ending learning, dear!

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