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Lunar Eclipse on June 5th: The Intense Energy to Release

We all know that this year has been quite intense with all the events bringing the collective together and requiring changes on our structures and views.

What about adding few more juices to this year : 3 eclipses that interestingly do not happen so often? Most often eclipses come in pairs.

But nature does not ask to choose, deary. The first lunar eclipse is visiting us on June 5th. So let's see what exactly in brings and in general what is such a big buzz around it.

You know, after all eclipses were considered as an omen for major events and most of these events were quite tranformational: wars, death sand births of rulers, earthuakes or floods. No surprise this natural phenomenon created lots of fear in our psyche.

But we truly do not need to fear eclipses. In fact, we can use its powerful energy for the our benefit - our transformational growth. Let's check how we can do this, but before we start, here is a little introduction what eclipse exactly means.


From earth, we experience 2 types of eclipses: eclipse of the Moon and eclipse of the Sun. Hence, we call it either Lunar Eclipse or Solar Eclipse.

The moon moves in an orbit around Earth, and at the same time, Earth orbits the sun.

Sometimes Earth moves between the sun and the moon. During this time the Sun oppose the Moon, where we have a lunar eclipse ( can occur only at Full Moon).

When the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, we have a Solar Eclipse (can occur on the New Moon). During this time, the moon casts a shadow onto Earth.

A solar eclipse always occurs about two weeks before or after a lunar eclipse.


Eclipse has great direct symbolism.

It is literally the blockage of a universal body and in energetic sense it is something we block from view that we are used to seeing.

So, often, during eclipses we need to acknowledge something that is hidden deep inside ourselves.

We need to see where we are making the eclipse by ourselves - where we are creating the shadows.

If we do not, the eclipse period will relive it over and over again till we learn to literally deal with our own shadows. See, even the Universe wants you to grow.


Solar eclipses indicate the fresh time to start something new. After all, they occur during the New Moon that requires bold beginning, openings of new paths and the creation of bigger vision.

Meanwhile, lunar eclipses are more about the release and letting go. Not the ignorance or running away, but acceptance of our shadows, our deep wounds without judgement.


This is the first eclipse this year that occurs in the sign of Sagittarius.

The main theme for it is EMOTIONS, because moon itself is all about feelings and emotions and full moon is the intensified version of it. Let's add eclipse in and we get... well an emotional bomb.

But no need to freak out, sweety. You can absolutely deal with it, just need some observational powers, patience and non-judgement.

Sagitarius is all about expansive thinking, long term goals full of vision, search for truth. Hence, those topics will be essential during this time. Yet, remember it is not about totally new goals, it is about the release and letting go that touches these topics.

Having in mind that Sun conjunct Venus during this period, this eclipse will have a lot to do also with relationships, finding compromises and necessity to stay positive.

Not to sugar coat it - there might be lots of tense energy around your loved life and deep problems might be brought to the surface.

So make sure to think before you speak. The core of this all is LEARNING TO LISTEN. Ow, if that would be so easy, doesn't it?

But try to listen to another being and his/hers values, yet also do not forget your own needs. This is about finding equilibrium. Creating boundaries, yet accepting the needs of another person and fully understanding the concerns.


Eclipses are dramatic turning points screaming for changes.

Yet, at the same time, just like retrogrades, they require deeps listening and re-view.

They want you to make clear decisions.

Remember, lunar eclipse is about accepting your deep shadows.

So question yourself:

- How good you are at listening to others? - How good you are and meeting your own needs?

- What love shadows are the most present in your relationships right now?

- What can you start to let go?

However, it is adviced not to make any drastic changes during eclipse period or its "shadow phase" - app. 2 weeks after it. Though, this time is the building phase for those changes.


2nd eclipse: 21 June 2020 — Annular Solar Eclipse

3rd eclipse: 5 July 2020 — Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

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