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Navigating the Fear Storm

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Fear is truly the biggest illness in the world, it slays everything it its way. It stumbles and destroys even the most powerful Queens.

Sometimes it touches even people around us, because without our inner control, fear transforms to anger towards the others.

We scream, complain, act disrespectful in all forms, just because… we fear.

Obviously, we do not want to showcase our fear, it is the rotten seed inside ourselves, which we want to keep caged.

We whisper to ourselves "No one, no one can see it". We believe that behaving in this specific way, we showcase our self-control.

We ensure ourselves that another person will, obviously, have no clue that deep inside ourselves we are just fearful.

It also has another advantage. It consumes less time, because a cursing scream accounts only for few sentences and minutes, while explanation of fear can extent to hours and hours of discussions.

Who needs that, right? Who has time for this in our busy society?

After all, we already can feel fear inside us, so certainly we do not need to go into evaluation about it, thinking more about it, and especially felling more of it!

We do not want or need to be looked as being weak, because we all know that the weak ones are often outcast away.

After all, Queens cannot be weak. Never.

In the end, we feel that suppression is the best dealing mechanism of controlling it. By this we showcase how strong we are to others, and also to ourselves.

However, we cannot hide it that well, even when we believe we do. Not for long. You see, its own nature is to sneak out by itself.

And during those times, we hit the fan. During these times we become... quite assholish (yes, it is now a word).

During these times, we smash the fear into the face of others like it is an ordinary activity, dressing it with a big costume and a mask, letting it appear in the yearly Gala party. However, even Barack Obama dressed up as Trump is still Barack Obama.

Unfortunately, if we are going to keep that hidden rotten seed inside ourselves for a long time, it will flourish.

It will start growing the deep inner roots entrenching the whole body. As we let it grow more and more - the harder it will become to remove it, ultimately, the roots will surround the most important organ in our body and squeeze it tremendously – our heart.

So, Queen, do you truly believe you control the fear by keeping it inside yourself, hiding it from others, even though it still exists and flourish deep inside yourself?

By keeping these beliefs and calling them "the control", you are actually letting the seed of fear run its course.

Honestly, that is exactly what it wants you to do in the first place – to react to it and react in a most possible freaking out phase ever.

Negative reaction such as screams are, in fact, created inside and are being released as a part of the fear too. It is the fruit of the fear seed. It is just the expansion of fear.

By expressing your negative reactions you are letting your inside to transform into the outside, expanding it in the most fearful possible manner.

It is like a little pet that you let out for a walk to enjoy the sunshine in the plain storm. In fact, after few reactions like this you are giving the signal to your brains that this type of action is normal to you, so walking in the storm becomes your “like” switch.

Walking your pet in the storm becomes the most enjoyable way to spend time ever.

In fact, you even bring the storm with you when you visit other people. You have no idea why others complain about your storm, for you it is the most marvellous weather.

The brain stores emotions in its database. If the same emotions keep accumulating time over time, the brain automatically knows what emotions it should bring next time you trigger the feeling, even if it is a small reaction.

It feels the triggers you send it, so, it believes it helps you by sending more worrying signals as sweaty palms and more fearful thoughts like "What if?".

Can you see it now? It is a circle of fear. And darling, by acting this way, you are not trapping it in the cage.

In fact, you are the one being trapped in it. Don´t you feel it is time to escape?

The goal is not to hold the fear. The goal is to look it in the eye and try understand it fully.

Why exactly it occurs? What exactly are you afraid of?

Talk with people nearest to you and let them help you to uncover it. You might be surprised, but people actually enjoy talking about fears.

First, because you showcase them that you are a human being.

Second, they feel appreciated that you are trusting them with your issues and choose them to ask for advice.

And third, well, everyone feels better knowing that others have fears too.

Even if it might sound harsh, but we certainly seek to connect on similar matters, even if these matter are the big uncomfortable issues that we hide from everyone.

So, share your fears and release yourself from a cage. The Queen's certainly do not live in cages. You deserve the ultimate freedom.

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