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Obstacles to Spiritual Growth

Are you seeking spiritual growth, deary?

If you are, probably you also have already started your own unique spiritual journey. fact, your spiritual journey is your whole life as we are all spiritual beings undertaking human experience, here on Mama Earth.

Yet, this interesting spiritual path might also have some non-that-pleasant obstacles.

In fact, let's be real - it always does as obstacles come as a part of that beautiful human experience.

Once you hit these obstacles in your spiritual path, you might feel overwhelmed. You might feel lost or confused. You might feel misunderstood or misunderstanding everything on your own terms too.

You might not even feel sure about what is the true reality anymore.

That's ok, darling. It is totally ok!

In fact, often we require to take a step back, in order to see the view in a brighter perspective.

Yes, you hear me right! You need to take a step back!

Ever heard such a motivational encouragement? I know I know, it is not that commonly being shared in our circles.

But it is true, deary, review phase is an essence in this journey.

Often we focus so much on taking steps forward that we even feel shameful to pause and stop as we think the only way to go is to strike for more and more growth.

Yet, this journey requires lots of stopping points and, at times, even re-taking the same spiritual bus over and over again.

So what do you say if we take a look at 3 biggy obstacles in spiritual journey that often make us feel stuck?

In this way, we can be sure that we see them right away as they are ( ewwwwy obstacles) and we can make sure that we tress-pass them easily during our spiritual running marathon.


Most people start their spiritual journey wanting to reach the famously praised and desired spiritual enlightenment.

The problem is that no one really knows what that final destination of spiritual enlightenment truly is or what it looks like.

But mostly it sounds something like this "you'll get lots of happiness, joy, calmness, peace and balanced feelings". Mmm well that definitely sounds quite sexy.

Yet, often we imagine this spiritual enlightenment like a very big divine lighting storm hitting us with marvellous clarity rainbows.

We think once we reach it, we'll be problem free. Bad things will never happen to us and we'll just float on clouds, feeling heaven every single minute.

Sadly, I need to ruin this marvellous dream.

Because that is simply not the whole truth. And that is exactly why it can become a spiritual obstacle.

It can become the obstacle, because we might see spiritual enlightement just from one side lense.

And if we do see it this way, we might:

- not even start our spiritual journey, because it might seem too hard to reach something so gigantic (definitely looks like it requires lots of effort)

- we might stop within our spiritual journey not seeing wanted results

- we might even over judge ourselves and shame ourselves harshly for not reaching it

Please, Queen, promise me that you won't get stuck on this nasty obstacle ride.

Spiritual enlightenment is a journey by itself, which means that it has various turns and also ups and downs in itself.

It is not a final result of reaching a specific point, it is a process of evolution of yourself (towards your higher self), which means it'll never truly end.

But that process of evolution will surely make you feel more happy. Because you'lll face it all, all parts of yourself within this journey.

And knowing and accepting yourself is definitely a part of that big desired happiness.


Spiritual journey certainly can be a little bit addictive.

Once you get some bites of it... you wanna try and experience more, which ends in a big increase of curiosity and the need to try every practice present out there.

And, ow, dear that curiosity is certainly encouraged, but make sure that this need of various practices does not make you forget the most important thing - the appreciation of experience itself.

Truth is, in order to fully tune into one practice - you need time. Definitely not a one-time go.

You can't just try it once and be done with it. Youneed to get used to it to see it fully. To see if it works for you or not.

We also know that first tries are also scarry like spiritual bananas (however these might look).

So take time to integrate one or few practices into your life before jumping into many more.

You might thing you need to try it all, but you truly don't. And mmm maybe you'll try them all at some point. But at that "some point" , some new practices will emerge too.

Simple listen to your own intuitive voice and try few practices that truly call to you.

Be there fully. Embrace it. Twist it slightly based on your needs and only when you feel "like a master" (as no one truly is) - try something new.

You might be asking, how this can be an obstacle? Well, imagine getting overwhelmed by spiritual practices cause you don't even know which one to choose.

You might already have too many of practices making it hard to decide. Or you might think that what you have is not enough.

You might think that you always need a new one to be more spiritual.

You might think that you need to start with the best one, getting confused which is the best one.

See how unhealthy these beliefs can be?

Spirituality level is not based on the amount of practices you have.

In fact, spirituality does not have any levels at all. It is just about us being conscious, aware and fully in tune with ourselves and the Miss Universe.


Maybe you already tried a variety of practices and maybe you even have a well-established spiritual routine in your life.

If you do, congrats on that, deary!

Yet, be aware that this spiritual knowledge and experience might tickle your lovely little Ego whisper. You see, Ego believes that by trying it all (all spiritual practices) it will become THE TRUE MASTER.

But none of us can be the true spiritual master. As spirituality is consciousness, it's end can never be reached meaning that can even become a true master.

The most beautiful spiritual growth happens when we approach spiritual journey with the begginer's mind.

So, darling, Avoid Ego based talk that states"I heard this already" or "I know this already".

You might know many things, but do you do it fully and truly well?

Mmmm most often the answer is "A NO", even if we do not want to admit it to ourselves.

Plus, do not forget that repetition of things is the strength on its own!

So press "the repeat" button till it becomes your identity.

And notice how every time you can learn something new even using the same practice over and over again.

How do these obstacles sound for you, love? Maybe you're even facing one of them right now in your life?

Don't judge yourself, if you do deary. We all get stuck at these spiritual barriers at times, but it is important that we see them in their true form.

They are barriers and that's all what they are.

Yet, these barriers can be destroyed.

So any time you encounter one of these obstacles/barriers in your life - take a hammer and do some big spiritual destroying renovation up there, dear.

After all, everything needs to be renovated from time to time.

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