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Obstacles to Spiritual Growth

Are you seeking spiritual growth, deary?

If you are, probably you also have already started your own unique spiritual journey. fact, your spiritual journey is your whole life as we are all spiritual beings undertaking human experience, here on Mama Earth.

Yet, this interesting spiritual path might also have some non-that-pleasant obstacles.

In fact, let's be real - it always does as obstacles come as a part of that beautiful human experience.

Once you hit these obstacles in your spiritual path, you might feel overwhelmed. You might feel lost or confused. You might feel misunderstood or misunderstanding everything on your own terms too.

You might not even feel sure about what is the true reality anymore.

That's ok, darling. It is totally ok!

In fact, often we require to take a step back, in order to see the view in a brighter perspective.

Yes, you hear me right! You need to take a step back!

Ever heard such a motivational encouragement? I know I know, it is not that commonly being shared in our circles.

But it is true, deary, review phase is an essence in this journey.

Often we focus so much on taking steps forward that we even feel shameful to pause and stop as we think the only way to go is to strike for more and more growth.

Yet, this journey requires lots of stopping points and, at times, even re-taking the same spiritual bus over and over again.

So what do you say if we take a look at 3 biggy obstacles in spiritual journey that often make us feel stuck?

In this way, we can be sure that we see them right away as they are ( ewwwwy obstacles) and we can make sure that we tress-pass them easily during our spiritual running marathon.


Most people start their spiritual journey wanting to reach the famously praised and desired spiritual enlightenment.