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Omg, You Are So Serious, Girl!

Let's talk about "Omg, you are so serious" syndrome.

And also let's be honest, it is the syndrome usually assigned to women. You rarely hear this situations where this sentence is being referred to the men ( not that it doe snot happen at all, but well...).

Did you notice, Queen, that there is so much negativity around the word SERIOUS?

Somehow, being serious in our world just does not work. It annoys and pisses people off.

Total shame on you, dearest Queen. if you are serious in your life.

Ever stopped to wonder, why people react in this way?

Hm, it might be because we belief that seriousness shackles people, puts them into cages, it makes them look…. boring.

In other words, these people barely know how to enjoy fun or be fun. Because life is all about fun, doh.

But what is this big buzz about fun? Why we are so serious about fun? See, what I am trying to do here, Queen? ( wink wink)

If you want fun in your life THAT MUCH, you are definitely too serious about it.

How is that for seriousness, aaa?

In truth, fun can have both sides. It can be growing and it can also be degrading.

Yes, we need fun in our lives to truly enjoy the beauty of life, we all need to "let go" from time to time. But putting that as a means to run away from the issues, seeking fun to fill the gap or hide the deep discomfort is not fun.

What if we would look at the word being serious’ in a little different perspective?

What if we change it into CARING? Because seriousness is simply caring.

Caring about ourselves and others, how we live, how we grow, what we can give to the universe. Caring about well-being of the planet and the environment around us.

It is not about worrying all the time, but it is about giving a shit.

Because shouldn’t we actually be serious about our lives, our health, our goals and desires?

Maybe we can even be serious about the ways how we relax, how we have fun?

Because, if we are not serious about it, we won’t find time for it. You probably already know that famous "Oops, the time just passed" or "I am too busy" excuse.

In addition, ‘being serious’ is not necessary a brother of 'being a control freak'.

Just because a person is serious, it does not mean that he has issues with control, it does not mean that he seeks ultimate desperate control (though, honestly, we all do a little bit...oops).

Yes, Queen, you can be serious and be a control freak and you can also be serious and 'let go' the things quite easily.

You can be serious and still know that not everything is under your control.

But at the same time, you can be aware that you kinda control your life by your own decisions and reaction.

In fact, I think 'being serious' can make you and your life even more fun.

Because when you are serious, you act, you achieve, you try new things, you step out from your comfort zone.

Doesn’t that sound much more fun than watching TV every evening or same kind of partying fun with the same drinks and same bars?

Isn't fun all about trying new things and growing?

To do that you need to be a little bit more serious. About your life. And you.

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