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One of the Biggest Manifestation Myths or Life Excuse to Not Reach Your Dreams

One of the biggest bullshit myths of manifesting in life is “THIS BEFORE THIS” mentality. Or " I will have this when...", "I will do this when...".

Just feel welcome to fill the gaps.

Ever heard this saying? Surely, never ever. Like at all...

Ach, that precious argument stating that we lack something in order to START.

An argument that is actually a big plain excuse. An excuse that takes power and control out from our hands.

And just like that, we become poor victims unable to control our situations and, in general, the whole life.

Meh, poor me.

Ok, let's say that there might be a possibility that we might actually lack things to start something we truly desire. You might actually lack MANY things.

In fact, you will always lack something. Cause we do not have a baggage of skills, things and resources for everything.

But, hey, if you are not doing anything to get closer to your desire, when it is just an excuse.

Does the fact that you lack something really means that you cannot start? Why do you even need to start in a perfect way?

Ow, wait, perfect does not even exist. What a surprise...

There are 3 most common types “THIS BEFORE THIS” excuses.

3 most commonly used stopping prick-ass-points for any great ideas that you definitely should not use in your life, Queen.

  1. LACK OF SKILL - lacking certain skills.

  2. LACK OF RESOURCES - lacking certain resources.

  3. TOO LATE " THIS BEFORE THIS" - when basically it is just too late. You are for example too old or too young, so there is, of course no way to accomplish anything you want. Life is horrible.

Let's break these mythical creatures open.


Lacking a skill is really not a big problem in today's world. Why? Because you can learn it easily.

We have lots of opportunities as online courses, which you can take at your own pace. Simply, start to improve or learn that skill and soon you'll be able to start.


Lacking resources mentality mostly occurs when you lack some tangible things such as equipment to start your project. Most often it is the money problem.

But did you really look at all the alternatives? You do not really need to buy the most expensive equipment to start.

Wanna be a photographer? Start your practice with your phone, most mobile cameras are quite developed in our age.

Wanna become a musician? Rent a studio or equipment from another musician.

Simply spend more time researching for other alternatives versus complaining that yours do not work.


Too late“THIS BEFORE THIS” type is the meanest of them all. It basically means that you are done, that you cannot do anything.

Life simply ruined your life. The end.

Or is it really? Truth is, age limitations as excuses do not work anymore. Grown-ups go to study, young people start businesses. There are no boundaries anymore, the boundaries that exist are just in your head.

Yes, it might not be that easy, but you are never too old or to young to start.

If you use one of these excuses, maybe, it is time to stop fooling yourself? There are more than one way to accomplish the thing that you desire.

You can choose to stay where you are & complain or you can take a small step each single day, Queen.

Actually, you'll find out even more options walking towards your path.

Just keep your eyes and heart open. They will guide you.

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