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Paradoxes of Life of Choosing Between Two Opposites

Yes, dear, I know that having a fulfilling life is not an easy formula. In this blog, we uncover the truths, so we won't tell you that you won't totally struggle in life, even with huge bombs of enlightenment and lots of personal development. Life requires effort.

Otherwise, we would all already flow in the glory of it and would not need to read some kind of blog posts about self-growth. Dah!

But did you ever stop to think what exactly is the main difficulty in managing life?

Most often it is not the issue that we do not know at all what to do. Though, at times we do not.

The difficulty lies into the paradoxes appearing in life.

Should I run or fight?

Should I start or do not even try?

Should I be friends or not?

Should I quit or stay?

Should I agree or disagree?

It is all about choosing between two totally opposite sides.

Paradoxes of life.

Constantly questioning ourselves, if we make the right choice.

At times one answer is clear, at other times another seems more appropriate.

And there are times, when the answer seems to be so unappropriated, confusing, loathsome or even devastating that choosing might create the waves of emotional burnout.

How to find that middle ground, the line of limitations and boundaries. Does someone even know where these lines lie?

Of course, questioning paradoxes and overthinking “what to choose?” happens to everyone. Yes, even the positive spiritual folks that seem to be in full harmony vibe every single day.

Well, maybe some situations do not appear to them as an overwhelming bomb (as they have learned their nervous system to calm down through various mindfulness practices), but these situations still give them some challenging sparks.

Let's be real, we all need to make decisions and big decisions are always in some specific ways uncomfortable. For EVERYONE.