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Personal Development Secta

Have you ever had the feeling of not really aligning with other people based on their hobbies and perceptions towards it, especially in relation to personal growth or spirituality?

After all, if you are on this blog, you are probably into spirituality. If not, leave right now. I am kidding...kinda.

Well, one thing is clear - people have lots of views on and about spirituality... Ow lots and lots of views. Particularly on what it is. Without even trying it themselves.

Yes, our brilliant human" know-it-all" attitude without personal experience.

The truth is that personal development, spirituality and any kind of inner work is not that easy and it is certainly not just sparkles.

And that is why many people won't be able to get it. They won't get why you want to delve on your shadows, get into deep vulnerable topics and open your old wounds in order to heal. Because they try to run from it. With booze, games, TV, drugs - you name it.

A little SOS alarm here for addictions: before stating that we do not have any addictions, we should truly stop. Because we all do. Often, even spiritual people do. Spirituality can become an addiction by itself.

Yet, some people tend to see personal development as a pure secta crazy voodoo community that is trying to make us hippishly insane.

I clearly remember my personal development journey , when I was told that I am in secta from various people.

  • I am in secta, because I want to grow my consciousness and I am not afraid anymore to talk about it.

  • I am in secta, because I do my personal development practices daily and I talk about self love without judgement or guilt.

  • I am in secta, because I choose what I truly want and let go of what I do not want without shame.

  • I am in secta, because I have learned that both “yes” and “no” can be just as powerful and useful.

  • I am in secta, because I listen to intuition and my body signals.

  • I am in secta, because I have morning habits to cheer my day and again I talk about them, because I see how these habits can help.

  • I am in secta, because I like to talk about deep psichologal issues and it makes some people freekishly uncomfortable. In truth, it makes me uncomfortable too, but at the same time I see a huge beauty in it that unfolds with every discussion.

At first, I felt the shooting pain coming throughout my body for finding it hard to understand why someone would even call personal development a secta.

I felt the urge to shout and fight with full force.

But you see, I have this little trick that I use anytime someone brings me uncomfortable emotions. That trick it is a powerful question: "Why I am feeling this way?".