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Planetary Retrogrades and Their Effect on Our Energies

Updated: May 19, 2020

You might have heard people say "Omg, it is a retrograde phase", which in most cases is often associated with Mercury retrograde, the certain phase of the planet that occurs few times a year.

However, it is not only just about Mercury, because other planets tend to "play these games" too.

Even if you haven't heard about it, knowing retrogrades might be quite helpful as it can guide us towards the best ways to navigate our energies.

How this knowledge can exactly help us?

Well, with knowledge of retrogrades we can become more aware of energies around us. Let's be real, planets are enormous bombs of energies and their movements are truly influencing us.

Simple look at the Moon and the natural changes when we have Full Moon phase. Water is being pulled, tides changes, even animals such as ants start behaving in different patterns.

We are almost 70% of water as human beings, so why we find it so surprising to believe that planets can truly influence us?

See, each planet has a certain energy and kinda belongs to certain life areas, or more it deals with the most influential life concerns like our evolvement, our structural behaviour, our love shadows.

Each planet moves at certain speed, for example Mercury takes 88 days to orbit around the sun, while Neptune takes 165 years.

Yet, at certain intervals these planets become retrograde, or as astrologers say "they station retrograde", which means that the planet moves backwards.

Actually, it does not really move backwards, we just perceive it in that way from earth.

A little reminder how sometimes things we see are not necessary the things how they truly are :)

So why is it so significant?

Well, during retrograde phase, the energies drastically shift and become more intense.

Intense here does not mean that energy is maximized, it means that it "penetrates" deeper in regards to the topic that the planet is all about.

During these periods we literally go deeper into ourselves and uncover our shadow sides, reviewing and relearning, improving from the past and building ourselves for the better future.