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Routines Are The Big Part of Your Spiritual Growth

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

We often think that habits are dark holes. Just because they create boring annoying routines. So not spiritual, doh.

We boldly claim that these dark holes make us stay in our comfort zone boxes, while we (spiritual warriors) supposed to be free and in a constant flow.

While this might be true, there is also another interesting truth.

Ever heard about the medal having two sides? Yes, yes, that annoying outdated definition that is just as boring as habits. But ridiculously even that one is the truth.

Cause sometimes annoying outdated things make quite lots of sense, once the ego rebel mentality goes out for a short walk.

You see, it all comes up to your own assumptions and perceptions of the word “HABIT”.

Sounds easy, right? After all, it might seem that we all have the same words and language, but somehow each of us have our own different human dictionaries and encyclopaedias, based on our experience and perceptions of the world.

So, yes, you might still get your hair raising hearing the word "habit", but if you get through this, I promise, your hair might go down at least slightly (depending how much layers of body hair you have).

Quite often we also tend to use another word for “HABIT”. And that magical word is “ROUTINE”. We use these two words constantly interchanging them.

For some people hearing a word "routine" is even a bigger disaster, it appears that it can seriously bring health threatening seizures.

Well, one thing is clear – the intensity on routine bashing should surely win rewards.

This competition usually includes 3 types of contestants:

  • the ones that secretly severely stay and live with huge amount of routines and hate it. They hate it so much that they need to spread their sparkles of hate to all the others, who follow the routine. It makes them feel better.

  • the ones that believe routine gets people depressed or crazy, so they try to fight it, assuring that it is the best for all. They believe themselves to be the enlightenment to the world.

  • the ones that are afraid to commit. Hence, they rarely achieve their goals, if they even know their goals.

Amm ok, not everyone might like hearing this, but everything in life leads to commitment.

Ow yea, here it goes again, another words we are highly afraid to mention. Especially in spiritual community. Cause we are all about freedom.

Because commitments stab people and freedom, drain your interactive essence out, makes you look ordinary, and blah blah blah.