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Stop Declining Human Experience in Spirituality

Often we believe that spirituality is this marvellous unexplainable magic. Something that is out of our touch. Something that is divine and with that - not easily reachable.

Seems familiar, dear?

Mmmm paradoxically glamorising it makes it look even more appealing. So we continue doing it . Because with that we can also make excuses why we cannot reach it - it is too divine for us.

Sadly, lots of online experts portray spirituality in this way too. Some of them even tell that we should never talk about darkness and our shadows. Some just touch the light side and actually on purpose tend to avoid discussions on the more darker sides.

Unfortunately, Queen, in our heads this creates an image that spirituality is not truly reachable for all of us. It creates an image that it belongs to certain selected group, which we'll never be apart of unless we dress with robes, burn clary sage and howl naked in front of the Full Moon.

Ow, deary, that's such a spiritual bullshit!

Yes, spirituality is magic. Yes, it is divine. But it is that way, because reality is that way.

Living on Earth is magical. Our daily navigation and natural cycles are magical.

While we so desperately seek to reach the divine, we close our eyes seeing that we are the part of Divine already.

This is why one of the most fundamental Mystic Queens Circle value is combining spirituality with human experience. Because it is not about forgetting one or another. It is about combining them both.

In fact, we're already combining it both by being spiritual beings, who are undergoing human experience.

And yet, some of us choose to focus just on one or another.

Some choose human experience and believe that the mind controls it all, wanting just scientific explanations to control the Nature by chemicals and technology.

Some choose spiritual experience declining the beauty and even necessity of human experience.

But we wouldn't be on Earth otherwise.

Our soul wants to express itself through human experience.