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Synchronicities in Life And It's Meaning

Deary, did you ever have synchronous events in your life that seemed to have no logical explanation what-so-ever?

The flow of events that seem to be repeating and highly connecting together.

Usually these events are truly hard to comprehend with our mind. But why exactly it is so?

Because our brain loves precise and clear explanations.

Surely, everything out of our control does not have the desired clear explanation for it to calm down.

And that, dearies truly scares our brainies out.

So no surprise that we tend to find other explanations for these occurrences such as "it is just luck", "ow that's just a coincidence" and "it is just a plain misunderstanding".

But what if it is not?

What if synchronicities happening in our lives are simply the language of the Universe, who tries to communicate with us?

Behaving like these occurrences do not truly matter, we tend to literally tell the Universe to well... get lost.

And within that - synchronicities tend to disappear following with our further remarks "see, told you it is just a coincidence".

Actually, when you look around and tune in more into yourself and the consciousness around you, you'll notice that the Universe is constantly providing you with signs and signals.

I personally have been seeing synchronicities happening in my life every single day for the past 7 years. It comes in very various forms about which I want to talk about with you, in this blog post.

But before we delve into that, let's touch 3 big essence juices of synchronicity itself to understand it more:


Synchronicities as messages for you will always come TO YOU personally, not to other people. It might come via other people, but it will still be experienced by you being there.


Most often synchronicities outline that you are following the right path, unless you ask the Universe to give you a specific NO sign, which might become a synchronicity itself repeating it to you over and over again till you get the message.


Synchronicities representation might not be that easy, because it is very personal to you. You see, Universe speaks to you based on your own representations and beliefs, which means you are the one that can encode the message the best.

Some teachers might help you with that, but you have all the answers within.

How does that sound, love? All clear? I know it might seem slightly confusing, but bear with me.

Let's get even more deeper right now with various forms of synchonicities that are the most common.

Yet, keep in mind that the list of synchronicities is truly long and we definitely cannot touch all of it in the blog post, but I am sure you will relate with at least one of the ones listed below:


We often assume that intuition is all about listening to our inner voice.

Well that is certainly the truth, but intuition is also a channel to listen to other spirits, our own spirit guides, ancestors and, yes, the Universe itself.

Yet, this comes in various forms depending on your own activated intuitive gifts.

We truly have many intuitive gifts and to say the least - we all can unleash it.

But often one is more re-activated in us (or more by us).

And this is why the Universe decides to talk with you via those gifts, so that you can notice it easier.

All you need to do is to recognise your own intuitive inner voice and its communication. Through simply taking time to listen.


Most of us have experienced seeing the same numbers at some specific points in our lives.

I personally have heard many people asking what does it mean.

Well, it depends if you see the same numbers such as 11:11, 111:111 and 1:1 constantly, or you see variations of repeating numbers such as 34:34, 33:33, 78:78 and etc.

Seeing the same number/s means that the message is clear and it is associated with these numbers.

For example 11:11 means the perfect alignment itself and that you just need to be concious of your thoughts and actions as the energy you put in will get back to you.

Seeing variations of numbers means that you are following the right path. And that you should continue with your actions precisely the way you already do.


This type of syncronicity (together with the numbers) is probably the most well-known or the one that is the most highly talked about.

Yet, this type of synchronicity only happens if you are aware of sign/omen significance.

You see, love, the Universe would not give you a message that you cannot translate yourself.

Now, this synchronicity type is also very personal (this is probably a life slogan for synchronicities), yet often people receive certain signs and rush to ask others or well.. google it.

While this can be helpful, signs and omens are based on your own interpretations.

For one person a spider can mean creativity and a good time to make new projects, while for another it can mean patience or good luck.

So I truly would encourage you to think about symbols, animals and even colors, and be precise with yourself what exactly do they mean personally to you. And, hey, write it on your notebook.

Once you see these symbols - check your notebook first before jumping on the wisdom of Grandma Google.


Sometimes you might experience the same or very similar events occuring in your life over and over again.

This is usually a big message of the Universe showcasing that you TRULY need to listen to its message and act on it.

After all, it creates the sequence of whole events to you and that is certainly a strong message.

However, sometimes it can be quite hard to uncover the message lying within it or its precise meaning.

Don't feel discouraged by it.

If that is the case for you, dear, I would advice you to ask the Universe for more guidance and support to get more answers through meditation.

Because it is totally ok to ask for more help.


As we usually think that mostly synchronicities happen though us or through getting certain signs, we tend to forget that other people doing certain things or behaving in certain ways can represent a synchronicity for us too.

If we see people doing the same action - it can be an indication to look at a deeper meaning at that action.

If we keep hearing specific song by others listening to it - that is considered synchronicity too.

You see, we often tend to diminish the importance of these events, but everything is more connected than we often assume.

This connectiveness shows us that the Universe is always there to help and guide us through whatever phase we're going through.

So which type of synchronicity seems the most resonating with you right now, dear?

Keep in mind that it might change and vary from time to time too.

But it is all about our ability to accept synchronicity itself, which requires both the acceptance to receive the message and the acceptance of its meaning.

If we are not fully open for it - Universe can send us hundreds of synchronicities, yet we might be standing on the hill with 100 crows around us thinking what a beautiful coincidence it is.

So be open, love. Be at ease with not knowing. And then be at ease with receiving something that is beyond your logic.

With that your life will become synchronicity of flow itself. To your Flow.

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