The Biggest Meditation Myth

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Meditation is not a big "voodoo" technique anymore, most Queens know it well and most Queens have tried it, at least once.

In fact, if you still have not tried meditation you are a little bit weird... However, trying and continuing with is kinda different, isn't it?

The most common argument of not continuing is: "Meditation does not work for me".

I assume it is time to be a little bit harsh here, Queen. Because this blog is not about throwing unicorn dust in the air...

Let's rephrase what this argument means in more deeper sense:

"You observing your thoughts does not work for you". Does not sound that appealing anymore, does it?

Truth is, meditation comes in various ways and forms. You choose that form yourself based on your own needs.

But there are many, ow many forms how you can do it. And, let's be really honest - you probably have tried only one or two. Hey, it is fine. Just let's continue the honesty ride.

And let's be real, magical-golden meditation that fits everyone does not exist. Just because it fits someone, does not mean it is gonna fit you.

But all meditations have one important thing in common - they all observe your thoughts without judgement.

Here is a Hiroshima bomb, Queen: meditation is not really about not thinking.

I know... take few minutes to take this in.

This is the biggest myth in our society.

But reality is reality. We are constantly thinking. We cannot learn ourselves not to think.

When you think about not wanting to think, you start thinking.

So no, this tactic is not going to work. This is not what meditation is trying to achieve at all.

Meditation just tries to make you a bigger-better observer.

And sometimes your thoughts will be calmer, sometimes louder, sometimes a total mashed potato mess.

That does not mean it does not work. It just means you are having a quite active brain, at that specific moment.

Please, do not confuse "It does not work" with" I do not find time to do meditation".

Most often this attitude just shows that you do not want to acknowledge your thoughts.

And, of course, most often we, Queens, do not want to delve on them.

We think that meditation will help us to run from our thoughts.

Nah, sorry to say it, darling, but it is not gonna happen.

Yes, acknowledging the thoughts can be scary. All the demons might appear from mist whispering all sorts of ugly things.

But even if you do not acknowledge them, the thoughts will be there and most often, unconsciously, your brain will still acknowledge them in some certain patterns.

It is a beautiful autopilot system of our brain. It interprets on its own by past experiences you have had, even if you do not really see it.

So, however uncomfortable it might seem, we need to observe ourselves.

And even though, you might think you know yourself well, you are losing a big part of yourself if you do not stop, pause and evaluate your thoughts to understand what is truly happening. Most often it is not even what we think, kaboom!

You stating that meditation does not work is simply stating that you are afraid to observe your thoughts.

Though, all you truly need to do is just find your own favourite meditation. Yet, you cannot find it without trying different varieties.

And, remember, reading or listening to music is not really a meditation. It can be a great way to relax, but during these moments you are not fully surrendering, cause you are surrendering to another activity.

You need to learn to fully let go. Let your thoughts flow easily without restriction. Feel the gaps between them.

But remember without judgement, even if you are judging.

Cause it is all about learning to judge less. Both the others and yourself.

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