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The Greatest Challenge: Being Present in the Present

Updated: May 16, 2020

You know that question when you are asked to choose to give only one advice, the one that can change lives drastically creating marvellous shiny enlightenment sparkles?

We might not be able to rise into the air in lotus position as yogis, but let´s say we can get quite close with this lifestyle tip.

Choosing only one thing for a fundamental life satisfying advice might be quite hard and might even sound quite ridiculous. How can our lives change from only one single advice? Is it even possible?

Those were the questions I asked myself too.

Actually, I do not believe there is only one advice and one tip for navigating it all, but I believe this one is extremely powerful and can play as a big benefit in any life area:


Try to read it few more times. Really, just try. Do you feel how somehow, magically everything else fits into these four beautiful words?

I encourage you to do a fun activity - check the responses what other people give to you when you bring this advice up.

Be prepared, because most of them might start giving you weird glances. They probably will roll their eyeballs or look seriously confused replying, - “What do you mean? I am present!"

Some of them even add more spices, - "Just to make it more clear to you, I am present here with you, because I am HERE with you, being alive”.

Others will change the topic, some might even get quite nasty (hello, human ego).

You see, there is this fun paradox in life:

Simple words have a tendency to annoy people. Kaboom!

We often believe that living in present and existing is the same as being present, but in truth that is absolutely NOT the same concept.

We definitely need to live in present, not the past or the future. We need to learn from the past and create our goals, but being in the presence is the key to it all. Yet, we can still say we live in the presence, but we quite often forget:


We throw the trash to the trash bin without looking where it lands.

We leave the room with a light and remember it after few