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The Inner Child of Us and How to Deal With It

Mmm let's start with the fact - we are all little children. Yes, deary, we truly are.

Does not sound too appealing, does it? But pretending to be too "adultish" won't work here anymore... we are going deep!

And truth is truth - we all have a little child inside ourselves that is often called in spiritual world: THE INNER CHILD. Because it is literally.... inside yourself!

It is the part of you that creates those famous and well-known tantrums. You know, the never ending dramas and all of those "Ooops how could I acted this way. It was so childish!". Yes, that part...

I know, it might be weird admitting to ourselves that we have a little child inside ourselves.

After all, we believe we are all grown ups or at least growing up. Wait... are we?

But INNER CHILD always goes along with our grown-up creations. In fact, it will never truly leave us.

Now, it can surely become a little bit more "adultish", yet it will be there near us even during our oldest granny days. It will still be there making you act sometimes a little bit....childish.

You might think "So what's the point of growing up?".

Well, the point is not to let your child control you, but to listen to it. It is literally parenting at its biggest. Without considerations if you want kids or not. You got one already.

And ow dear, that kid knows your deepest wounds and uncertainties, your true sadness occurrences and pain points.

Cause that kid is those points. That kid is those wounds and events. It is the creation of it.

And while most wounds can be healed, the experiences of it will still linger, even if we try to forget it. Experience is an experience that stays with us, simply because it was an experience we encountered.

So this INNER CHILD comes as a package of these experiences and your responses to them.

It represents the most uncomfortable parts of it and our deepest protection mechanisms that we try to hide from others.

And well... the best way of hiding is acting as a kid - creating tantrums, dropping to the floor, kicking, screaming, crying.

We think we become a little bit more polished when we become adults as we tend to not drop to the floor anymore.

But we still kic