The Revolutionary Question: What Truly Success Means?

Success Success Success. The word of so many meanings, definitions and feelings. The most powerful and popular word of the billboards of the biggest seekers, achievers and leaders.

But have you ever thought of your own success, deary? More particularly:



Cause, Queen, that is the strongest question you can ask about success.

Personal questions are always the deepest.

There is no shame to do that identification even in spiritual world.

And hell, do not let anyone tell you that success is not spiritual either. Enough of that bollocks.

We want success. We want balance. We want harmony. And there is absolutely nothing bad in that!

Honestly, well-identification of it is quite a necessity for the wholesomeness of the spiritual enlightenment. Kidding. Yet, it is truly a necessity for your wellbeing. And isn't that exactly what true spirituality is all about?

Because "I do not know" or "I am not sure what success is even for me" surely does not sound as a healthy living meal-option. Don't you think so?

Leaving it behind or procrastinating to identify YOUR OWN PERSONAL SUCCESS leads people to broken lives, uncertainty and lack of visible results.

This is a common problem why people end their dreams, collapse their plans and motivation. It is also why vibrant cheerful energy vanishes together with hope. KABOOM!

I have worked with many clients and people in regards to their goals and it strucked me how often people create unclear goals.

By clarity I mean that they often cannot explain what they want exactly, cannot identify their image of the final success. This, of course, leads to inability to explain the simple milestones to their big desires.

How can we know what we want to achieve, if we never even set to identify it more clearly?

How can we know that we will obtain it, if we do not know where the line of success lies?

We are lost in the uncertainty loop, if we do not take our clarity of success seriously.

So, how can you identify you success?". Mostly people get frustrated by this question.

You might be uncertain about your own answer here too, but the main truth of your uncertainty usually lies in the fact that you have not given it an appropriate amount of time to think about it.

We all should know that the image of success is different for each of us.

Just saying that you want to stay healthy and exercise is not a clear goal.

Just wanting to improve relationship, to earn more or change the job is not clear either.

You need to be clear what you want from life in each necessary life area.

If you are not, you will simply live on autopilot or even worse - drive in your life negativity, depression, stress, laziness and, again, meet miss famous procrastination.

You see, Universe also likes clarity. In order to give you what you want, in order for it to manifest your desires - it needs to have clear directions of the "WHAT EXACTLY YOU NEED".

To identify your success ask yourself these questions:

  • If at this moment I would be the BEST ME with the best resources FOR ME, what would I have?

  • How would I live?

  • What would I do?

Go deeply into these answers, think about every single tiny winy detail.

What bed would you sleep in? How would you dress? Whom would you help? When would you wake up? What would you do for your hobbies? What people would you know?

Imagine that everything is possible and do not limit yourself by thinking about the "HOW's". These are usually the drowning lakes, so shut them out for a moment.

Explain your big dream with shapes and colors. Most importantly, do not think that it is enough to do this exercise once.

Take a break, an hour, few days, a week or few, whatever you need. Just come back later on and do it again. Add anything that becomes desirable and do this exercise at least once per month checking your situation and asking yourself :

Did my definition of success change? If yes, how exactly?

Simply, rewrite it. Hehiam, a little recommendation here: Without judgement.

Did I do something to get towards my success? What?

Celebrate it. If not, what stopped you? What will you do to get towards your success?

This will help you to identify your best image of success. If you get to create goals without clearly seeing and identifying your best vision of success, you will bump into walls, later or earlier.

Believe me, it is a huge relief to finally get familiar with what you truly want.

And do not even dare to think that you do not know what to do, we all do know what we like and what we dislike.

Just be honest with yourself without looking at definitions of other peoples's successes.

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