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Transformational Changes : November Joys. Scorpio Season.

I felt extremely drawn to talk with you about November. The nostalgia of darkness and how so many of us feel drawnsy and weird these past weeks. Feels familiar?

I probably should have written this post a while ago to prepare you for the Scorpio season. I have heard lots of people speak right now how weirdly they feel these days.

You know, you shouldn't be too surprised - it is the part of the big welcome to the Scorpio season, adding to the spark also some unusual transformative planet positions.

Just then you think this whole thing cannot go deeper. Well... it always can.

Also, no surprise that this period always comes closer to the winter time, because it is the time of hibernation. The time requiring us to rest and relax.

So don't be shocked, if you feel more tired than usual these days. If you want to lie in your bed more than ever. If work seems to drag longer hours and your body feels sore without no precise reason.

Do not be surprised, if you need more alone time. If you cancel appointment with friends pretending you have other serious appointments, which mainly includes an hour date of watching a dot on your ceiling. Ow, it really has an interesting shape!

Because the whole Universal energy requires us to go deep and well... that can be quite an exhausting experience that surely needs to be experienced alone.

In fact, it is quite natural! At least, for the Scorpio season. Scorpio season wants us to stir the deepness of our true wishes and mysteries or paranormals. At least, that's how most people refer to it , though, it is just deeper normals.

Pluto rules Scorpio for a reason, because it knows that this sign can overcome deepest transformations. That it can walk with wounded feet still dancing with imaginative spirits. That it can discuss the death and sex as an ordinary daily topic.

Both Pluto and Scorpio shakes for the tranformation. It does not wait you to be ready. It just hits. Sometimes easier, sometimes harder. But always swirling an inner storm inside us.

This is why you might be feeling quite drained these times. Especially, if you are resisting the change. The change to cuddle with your shadows.

Cause biggest deepness comes only when we accept the darkest sides of ourselves, seeing that part that truly stinks and still hurts, creating pain over and over both for us an also the others.

It is that time then you lick your wounds and welcome them as a part of you. Not to prove something to others, but to show yourself that needed forgiveness. To avoid that hellishly burning judgement.

It is ok to feel this way, yet you can make it more ok by deciding not to run from it.

It is essential to embrace, cause the more you will run - the more Pluto will push you over and over again. And you will be re-living that experience over and over again. Is that what you really want?

Pluto's mission is to bring those most nasties sides of you to the surface for the biggest learning. And, yes, it will absolutely sting!

But it is absolutely required for your light to shine brighter.

No, darling, not to suffer. To rebirth. Into the pheonix.

The pheonix thart is the old symbol of the truth transformative Scorpio. Because it can burn in order to create a new life.

Cause every end has a new beggining. And there is no new beggining within some kind of end.

The nature will always seek to balance it. Don't ever think that you are here on Earth for no reason.

As we discussed in previous post, the Earth is a planet of manifestation and also...transformation. And it might be hard to grasp it, but earth is truly manifesting and transforming together with us.

The deepest light it can get for it comes from the cracks of the shadows. Cause the bright light is the most visible aspect in the dark.

So, I hope you are ready to re-birth. The nature is calling you to do it.

I know this is a little shorter blog post when usual, but I hope this can make you feel more in peace if you resonate with it.

Some of us might get truly confused feeling these energies, but simply keep knowing that it is ok. It is totally absolutely ok. You are not the only one.

Rest more these days, if your body and soul craves it.

Listen more to your intuition to find the needed guidance.

Accept yourself the way you feel.

And most importantly, be open about your needs for rest and alone time.

You should never be ashamed to announce it loudly. In fact, that's actually quite a sexy thing to mention to anyone! I mean... what can be more sexy than taking care of yourself and being honest about it?

Take care. As much as you need to.

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