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Try These Techniques to Find Balance in Your Spiritual Journey

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

My dear Ladies!

You must be wondering every once in a while “What should I do to restore the balance that I once had?” or “How to find that needed balance ?”.

It might be happening due to peculiar changes you have gone through your spiritual journey.

And sometimes these questions arise just by simple issues and problems happening in our lives that ,at times, seem to be bigger than they truly are.

I would like to take a moment and remind you that no matter what you are experiencing and in whatever situation you find yourself in today: IT WON'T LAST.

Balance is the key to everything and it requires awareness. At the same time, we GROW the most through that awareness.

Regardless of your current stage in your spiritual journey, balance is very personal.

This is why the definitions and the decisions coming from it should come from within you.

Take a seat, grab a notebook and write down in your own words the answers to these questions:

- What was/were the personal trigger(s) that started this spiritual path for you?

- How did you define spirituality in the early stages vs how do you define it now?

- What did you hope to achieve when you first started?

- Would you say that you reached some of the goals you created for yourself?

- What are the new concepts and practices that you have learned or became interested in lately?

By answering these questions you can detect what you might've missed before or what you’re missing right now in your life.

The answers to these questions will highlight your new arising interests. But most importantly, it will remind you what motivated you in the first place to begin your amazing spiritual journey.

Also, keep in mind that there is no right or wrong answer here. This is merely a way to track your progress, consider it a check point.

Just like in any other journey, we’ll encounter obstacles and that is totally fine, dear. It's the part of the process.

That is why only you should know when to let go certain things and when to hold on.

I know it's easier said than done, but often Universe sends signs for us to guide us! Don't make the mistake and most certainly DON'T IGNORE IT of holding something that does not serve you anymore.

Now Queen, it's time to dive deeper in the notion of balance in spirituality.

What does it mean to you exactly?

In order to feel the state of stability, sometimes you might think that you have to perform certain practices in an equal measure and devotion, until they become an established routine.

But the thing is - balance in spirituality could mean anything you want it to mean.

Try to not put pressure on yourself.

Why would you even want to come across in a different way than you are?

It is time to start embracing yourself and to find the healthy balance in your daily patterns.

The secret that no one will share with you is that it is all about ACCEPTANCE rather than pursuing to be someone, who you are not.

Plus, you NOT BEING YOU does not serve anyone. In fact, your true self will be revealed sooner or later because the truth always comes out. So do not put yourself in that situation, deary!

At a certain point you might need someone to guide you, to take your hand and help you restore the confidence in your path by exploring your spiritual potential (this is what Mystic Queen Circle is for too).

DON'T FORGET, chin up Queen or the crown slips!

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