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Two Types of Feeling Special: Choose the Healthy Option

Let´s talk about our personal significance.

Us wanting to be and feel special and unique. Come on, we all stand in that line one way or another.

However, in a mist of finding your special feeling, how do you perceive the others? Do you find them to be unique too?

It is commonly said that we can either live our lives feeling as everyone is special or we can live our lives feeling that no one is. It is your choice to choose.

But here lies a little trick, a little seed that you should be aware of, if you choose the first choice.

I will admit - I am all for feeling special, being special and letting people know that they are special, because I know that deep inside we all seek to be important.

I am for that kind of special, which emphasizes that you came in this life with specific gifts to give to others. It is your purpose of life, your dreams and journeys. And we all have different and magnificent journeys.

That kind of special is absolutely magnificently unique and beautiful.

Once you truly let it flow – magic happens inside and outside your dimensions. My biggest wish is to see people use that kind of magic daily.

But I am not for that type of special where you seek superiority. That kind of special believes that he is the most special one. That kind of special says:

“ No one can get my art”,

“ No one has a right to say anything”,

“ No one has any idea…”.

That kind of special is poisonous. It seeks without no cost, no boundaries and relations.

It is the most desperate call to feel important, coming from a big amount of supressed feelings.

That kind of special is the one that creates conflicts, break-ups, crimes and wars. It does not listen, it only judges.

So. please do not choose this poisonous type fo special. Be that first kind of special. Believe that each person is special in his/her own ways.

Sometimes that special will not align with your values and you know... that is freaking absolutely fine!

It is your choice what to do with that and whatever choice your make, make it in connection with respect. Respect for other kind of specials.