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Unleashing Creativity: We Are All Creatives

Hey, I have some interesting news for you. YOU ARE A CREATIVE.

In fact, we all are. Because you do not need to be a writer, a singer, a painter or and actor to truly be an artist!

It is time to break that myth that some people are more creative than others. The truth is actually more twisted: some people are just unleashing their creativity more than others.

First thing we need to touch is that creativity comes in various forms.

In our society we often assume certain professions to be more creative than others, but well.... even data analysts can create more creative excel sheets!

So here we should start asking ourselves "Why so many of people assume that creativity comes in certain professions and ways ?".

Like anything else in life this occurs due to our programming.

Look at your earlier age. How did the parents and teachers explained and expanded creativity to you?

Only during plays. Creativity was rarely allowed to be a part of an educational world.

No surprise phrases such as "creatives are always in a flow flying around" started to equal "they have no focus" labels.

Also in our young age. artistic creative endeavours are often portrayed as no means to earn money. Our parents tell us "but how you will pay for your bills and food?this is just a hobby".

And so we go on growing up, our creativity being beaten in the corner as just another fairytale that can be dreamed about only during dreaming times. Cause it is not serious. It is not mature.

You surely do not need to make creativity to be your full time job. It can be a hobby... But both of these options are available.

We are just soooo used having the same society structure for work. 7-8 hours workdays in the office, sitting in the chair and watering eyes into big computers.

You might be fine with that. And that is alright. But here, I just want you to know that there are various, actually lots of various options.

Gladly, many people are starting to realise it and talk about it openly, showing their jobs that do not fit the norms. Also showing that you can truly earn money from that!

Cause money is a simple form of providing value. If you provide value - you get energetic currency back as money. That's all it is.

And believe me, that does not always correlate with hard work and torture.

But, yes, ever creativity needs work. Because it requires to be fed!

Most of us trespass the definition of creativity, because we have not fed it for so long.

Most of us forgot how to play with activities that might not pay us, yet they can purely create joy.

Most of us think that these things are a waste of time.

But if you get those soul whispers, even small one of "hey, I would like to paint", "hey, I feel drawned to crating some art", - that's already a sign that creativity is asking for your permission.

Permission to go for a walk.

So, maybe it is time to stop keeping it caged?

You might be the most logical brain thinking person on earth and you still can benefit from it.

Because no matter what you work on, no matter what you think or how you identify yourself to society, you can still have creative dates with yourself. In fact, without not even sharing it.

Seriously, you can just have few creative dates and keep it all for yourself.

And surely - you can also share it to the world. But you don't need to, if you do not feel that way.

After all, most of the time when we start nourishing our creativity, it feels a little bit weird. We might do something we are not that used to.

And within that one single remark from a friend can harm it all, caging creativity back for ages.

That often happens from people, who have blocked creativity themselves, or the ones that secretly want it, but are afraid to start. So critical remarks on other people's creativity work as their assurance that they are on the right path. Right pack of creativity prison.

In fact, caging your creativity requires as much effort as releasing it.

Most often caging is even harder, cause you need to build the cage, you need to make sure to take care of it from time to time and you know... proceed with some torturing techniques to make sure that all is under control. Doh. That requires lots of energy.

But all you need to do for creativity release is to show up.

You might have lots of feelings and fears, but all is needed is simple showing up. That one time. Which will follow to another.

You just need to focus on that first step. But prior making it , you need to identify your personal creativity, cause as I have mentioned before - it is personal.

So what about taking a piece of paper and pen? Yes, right now, this is gonna take only few minutes. Stop rolling that procrastination wagon, deary.

And write 10 things that would make you feel joyful. What 10 things you would do, if you would "have" time? (hehiam, cause you do). Ready? SET.GO.

Done it? Really? Really really really? Come on, seriously, you need to. For yourself. No overthinking needed, push all the doubts and thoughts away and just focus on simply doing it.

Ok, so I will place my trust on you that you have done it. I count on you.

Now, choose 2 of these things and schedule two dates this week, naming them by your name and adding "creative date", each at least 1h long.

By scheduling I truly mean schedule it in your calendar or as a phone reminder! Take it seriously as any date or meeting.

Most of the things for you need for the creativity date, you might already have at home. Yet, if you require some equipment or need to sign up for the class, I challenge you to do it within few days.

Not more. Today is counted in too. Yeah, babe, you got this!

Is not that hard is it? You just need to simple start.

Your creativity might be already getting excited and doing slight jumps inside yourself, looking forward for its watering. Cause that's what it is - it requires constant watering.

And it does not even force you to do it, it just patiently waits till you will notice it.

It is time to give it some notice.

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