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Various Soul Connections: Soul Mates, Twin Flames & Much More

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Ever heard the abbreviation "soul mates"?

Ow, I know you have had, dear. Probably more than once.

Deep down we all strike to have these magnificent soul mate connections in our lives. These soul friends with whom we can feel truly "at home".

But do you know, love, that we actually can experience more soul connections?

In fact, there are 7 different soul connections that you might experience during your lifetime.

Yes, there are 6 more magnificent souls meetings apart from the soul mates!

They work slightly in the hierarchy as in order to move to another connection ladder, you need to learn the lesson of that specific soul connection.

If you neglect it, block or run from it, you won't move up to the next "soul level".

To be more precise, here I more talk about soul contracts and soul growth itself.

You can also look at it like a game, a certain fun life aspect. And I know it might sound slightly mean, but it seems like we are all playing the game of polarity and unity here on Mama Earth. I personally believe it is quite a fascinating game.

But just like in any other game - in order to transfer to the next game level we need to do some work on the one we are already in...

Or you can think about it in this way:“Why would Universe give you more, if you cannot handle what you already have?”

And here, of course, you might ask:

"Why should I even strike to achieve higher soul connections?".

In fact, there is no big should here. You choose IT yourself.

Being here on Earth means that you have a free will to choose. So, yes, you might choose not to pass to the next soul contract or choose not to grow your soul in certain specific ways.

But the higher you go with your soul connections, the closer you get to the ultimate balance of unity: the divine connection of feminine and masculine energies as the last soul connection exactly represents that beauty.

In our "Various Soul Connections: Soul Mates, Twin Flames & Much More" podcast episode you’ll learn:

  • 7 types of various soul connections

  • The beauty and learning points for each soul connection

  • The choice what lies between it all

Check it out and let me know what you think. I would truly like to hear, if you are experiencing any of these soul connection in your life, right now. Mmmm, deary?

And feel welcome to share it with someone who might benefit from it too, love. Cause sharing is caring.

Check the episode HERE or find our "Mystic Queens Circle" Podcast on Itunes & Spotify.

Keep shining your light love,


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