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What Exactly is Spirituality ?

Many of us associate the world Spirituality with witches, angels, ghosts and mystical magical freaky stuff .

Also often referred to as voodoo, woowoo or to put in the human language "what a big nonsense" aka "this is not freaking logical".

Well, let's not pretend here - some part of spirituality might include witches, angels, ghosts and lots of mystical stuff.

Cause in spirituality we do not identify ourselves as just a meat walking brain logical seeking human being.

We are spiritual beings undertaking human experience.

And spirituality means simply getting more and more in tune with that part of us.

By saying that part of us I mean that we connect these two parts - spiritual and human, which brings the emergence of spirituality.

While spirituality might include all the previously mentioned thingies that most of us are quite scarred of, truth is that it also might not include it too.

You see, spirituality is a very different concept for most of us.

Why? Because we can tune into spirituality (that connection of spirit and human) in many different ways.

Just like there are different languages on Earth, we can choose to experience spirituality by choosing different pathways for its encounter. Different journeys.

For some of us that journey will include identifying yourself as a witch or a mystic.

For some it might include connection with ancestors, spirits and daily chats with ghosts.

For some it might be praying for angels seeking for guidance.

For some it might be tarot readings.

For some it might be Moon rituals.

For some it might be meditation or yoga.

But for some it might be a simple beautiful routine of taking care of yourself. Pampering yourself, while at the same time creating true awareness around it: appreciating the moment fully.

For some it mi