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Why Saying "YES TO ALL" is NOT THAT Healthy

Do you think we should say "YES" to everything?

The world is full of advices that we should. After all, if big successful people give us this advice, it should be true, shouldn't it?

But, can we open our minds for a little possibility that it might not be true? Just for a tiny winy little one, please, Queen.

Most "say yes to all" advices focus on the argument that we should say yes to every opportunity.

But is every opportunity truly related to your depest desires? ​Or it is just something plainly for the achievement, to put it on the CV as a badge of honour?

An opportunity is an invitation to make a decision. It is the evaluation. Evaluation of how that thing/project/event would fit your core dream, your values and belief systems.

Opportunity is not about "saying yes to all in order to grow". It is about asking your gut and intuition, if that is something that you truly want to do.

I mean, how much time it would take you to do all the things to which you have said "YES"?

Actually, if you say "YES" to everything, you'll always be there to please the others. Not yourself.

Pleasing others is nice and certainly spiritual and yes we should all be a little bit more nicer to each other and radiate some loving sparkles.

But you cannot agree with every single preposition. After all.... you have a life too. Just reminding you of that, deary.

We cannot be givers, without being getters too and sometimes we just need to get more energy in order to give more.

And, yes, that definitely includes saying NO to things. We truly cannot say yes to everything.

Honestly, saying “NO “ is just as freaking important as saying "YES". Because it shows your priorities, your values and your boundaries.

In fact, saying "NO" is freaking liberating. Try it out, with a big scream. How does that feel???

I am gonna be bold and argue that in today's world we say much more "YES" than "NO".

How we can prove it? Well, let's check how many miserable, unhappy people we have on earth. These are all the ones that say "YES" to things they do not truly want