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Wrapping Yourself in the Happiness Burrito: Surrounding Yourself With Positivity

It is quite logical and nothing shameful that we, women, constantly seek for happiness. All people do.

In addition, we certainly want a bonus of acknowledgement and appreciation.

We want to have THAT HAPPINESS BURRITO someone else is consuming. In fact, we want to become THAT HAPPINESS BURRITO.

Most importantly, we need support to become that HAPPINESS BURRITO, because we all know how hard it is to make a good pro wrapped burrito yourself (to be honest, really hard, if you do not know a good recipe).

We especially need support during periods of changes that occur in our lives; during times, when we seek to change our habits or hobbies. Doing it alone is certainly possible, but support helps the process to flow easier.

This is the main reason why you need to surround yourself with people, who support you and believe in your success, the ones that themselves seek their own success contantly growing and developing.

All of them need to be happiness burritos, not the same kind happiness burritos, because even that might differ, but generally HAPPINESS BURRITOS.

Let´s make it clear, happiness burritos are extremely huge in positive fat.

They fold you firmly and fully and in turn share their fatty juices with others. Am...just stay with me here.

But even the most beautiful happiness burrito can get soaked in the rain and get smudged being thrown in the dirt. You know the feeling?

In the pursue of positive life, seeking your best results, you must bypass the rain and dirt and nurture your own happiness burrito.

And you bypass the rain and dirt by surrounding yourself with people that will help to fold yourself in the bigger happiness burrito.

You need to stop being near people that complain and do not respect you.

Every person has different likes and dislikes, goals and lifestyle rhythm, so, yes, it is absolutely extremely essential to respect choices of another person.

Just because we do not understand something, does not mean it is evil or incorrect.

But at the same time, you are the person worth respect, your choices need to be respected, not being made fun of. Do not be afraid to state loudly that you need it.

It does not mean that you need to run from your family members or some of your friends, but you need to select people with whom you want to spend most of your time with.

Just ask yourself “Do you really want these negative people to surround you for the rest of your life?”.

If negative people surround you, you are the part of it, you choose to be a part of negativity. Take full responsibility for that.

Truth is that people are often scarred of changes, so it should not surprise you that in your pursue of happiness burritos, you will notice some unhappy rotten burritos.

These toxic burrittos will find it hard to understand why you want the habbiness burrito.

You will meet those burritos that will see that your hobbies do not match them anymore and your happiness burrito will absolutely scare them, because deep down they will know that they are loosing you.

Most importantly, they will feel that their burritos might not be enough for you, because:

  • You will not complain about other people, because you want to reject this behavior in your life.

  • You will not be able to drink and do crazy stuff every weekend together, because you want to stop drinking.

  • You will not be able to tuck in fatty hamburgers, because you want to become a vegan (there are vegan happiness burritos too, no worries).

But it is your choice, and their choices are theirs.

Every new decision will bring some kind of losses, always, but it'll also bring some beautiful magnificent and bright results.

And within changes and transformation you never truly fail. Because failure is just an experience of learning, a process of acquiring new knowledge, so the person actually never looses, only wins.

You need to let go, if you want something new in your life.

If you are taking hold of something that does not really satisfy you, you block your path to your dreams and wishes.

Sometimes you will need to let go of the feelings, sometimes it will be things, sometimes it will be people.

Yes, it is surely not easy, at times extremely painful, but if you want changes - you need to change something.

It is quite simple – you need to add new ingredients to your happiness burrito.

Do not be afraid to meet and be around happiness burritos, or become one yourself.

I promise you, you will definitely become one too, if you will have happines burritos for lunch daily.


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